Minecon 2016: Next Update For ‘Minecraft’ Console Editions To Be Discussed, Special Skin Pack Free Until October 3

Minecon 2016 is almost here! The highly-anticipated Minecraft event is finally happening this weekend. Fans have lots of things to feel excited about this event, which is set to be the largest Minecraft convention yet with an expected 12,000 attendees.

For the unfamiliar, below is a summary of what Minecon is all about, as shared on its official website.

“Minecon is a weekend dedicated to all things Minecraft. Watch panels discussing your favourite game (Minecraft, we hope), hang out with thousands of like-minded crafters, shake hands with the Mojang team and rub shoulders with YouTubers! There’s something for every type of crafter.”

In this year’s convention, gamers will get to know more about the next update coming for Minecraft console editions. Saturday’s schedule for Minecon 2016 includes a “Coming Soon on Minecraft Console Editions” panel, according to a tweet from game developer 4J Studios.

As mentioned above, Minecon is an opportunity for Minecraft fans to meet and interact, not only with the other avid game supporters but also with the people behind the popular sandbox video game. And folks from 4J Studios just made it easier for these gamers to spot them. Check out their tweet below!

Ahead of the Minecraft convention, Mojang announced the release of a special skin pack, and it is available for free. The free Minecon 2016 skins will be available for Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 players for a few days longer, but owners of the console editions only have until October 3 to get their own.

“You even get Alex and Steve skins wearing swishy and spooky Enderman capes, too,” Mojang’s post read.

“This year’s time-limited celebratory skin pack features four biome-themed adventurers: prowl through the treeline as the furtive Forest Fighter; brave blizzards as the intrepid Ice Pioneer; craft the incredible as the meticulous Mesa Artisan; or plumb the depths as the outlandish Ocean Engineer. He’s totally subnautical!”

In addition to these skins, in celebration of Minecon 2016, Mojang is also offering the Minecraft skins that were launched last year, which are available in a big bundle.

Furthermore, during the event, the 12,000 Minecon 2016 attendees can dress up and participate in the costume competition or join in tournaments, courtesy of Hypixel, featuring mini-games like Walls, Build Battle, Sky Wars, and Parkour.

“You wouldn’t want to miss Minecraft mega-dev Jens talking about the exciting things coming to the PC / Mac edition, or the latest info from Searge on Plugins and Add-Ons for Pocket and Windows 10,” a separate blog post from Mojang noted, detailing the activities fans can expect at Minecon 2016 happening this weekend. “And for that matter, how could you bear to pass by Stampy and Squid going head to head, Cobalt’s first total conversion mod, 4J Studios’ Mini Game showdown with Youtubers, StacyPlays’ roleplaying session, or any of the other amazing and varied panels?”

To keep track of Minecon 2016 schedule of events, make sure to visit its official webpage. There’s also a Minecon Guidebook app that attendees can download. It contains the latest update and a handy map of the venue, the Anaheim Convention Center.

Minecon 2016 - All-Things Minecraft Event
[Image by by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Those who could not attend Minecon 2016 in Anaheim, California, will have the chance to watch the event as it happens via live streaming, which will be available on the official page linked above.

“Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures” where crafters can “explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castle,” the game’s website described.

There’s a Minecraft game available for almost every platform. On desktops, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Windows 10 versions of the game are available. As for mobile, Minecraft can be played on iOS and Android devices and Windows Phone, Gear VR, and Kindle Fire. And for the console gamers, Minecraft is available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and Wii U.

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