Keith Lamont Scott Shooting Video Released: Wife Says, ‘He Doesn’t Have A Gun, He Has A TBI’ [Graphic Video]

The video by the wife of Keith Lamont Scott shows her recording what happened when Scott was shot and killed. Whereas the police are still waiting and debating over whether they will release their shooting videos of Keith, the above NBC News shooting video has been released showing the moments before Keith was shot, as the shots rang out that killed Scott, and showing Keith laying on the ground after the shooting.

Warning: The video of Keith’s shooting can be disturbing to viewers.

According to NBC News, the video of Scott being shot was recorded by his wife. Although viewers do not see Keith’s wife in the shooting video, they do hear the pleas of his wife for the police to not shoot him. Video viewers can also hear the anger of Keith’s wife after police have shot him dead.

“He better live. I swear he better live. I ain’t going nowhere.”

The exclusive shooting video opens with Keith’s wife begging Charlotte police officers not to shoot her husband, with Scott’s wife explaining that he has a traumatic brain injury — or TBI, as Scott’s wife calls it in the video. Keith’s wife explains that Scott just took his medicine and that he is not going to harm the police officers.

Keith’s wife alternately begs the officers not to shoot Scott and yells at her husband directly to not let the officers break open the car windows. Already, the video is causing people on social media to note that Scott did not appear to charge at the police officers, at least from the video footage displayed that Keith’s wife took.

However, the shooting video footage taken by Keith’s wife does not display all of the police shooting actions, nor does it display all of Scott’s actions. At some points during the video, Scott’s wife allows the video footage to drop to the ground, with scenes of the grass in the video, wherein Keith’s wife was likely moving closer to Scott after he was shot and killed by police.

keith lamont scott

At certain points in the video, Scott’s wife begs either Keith or the police not to do something, but what that action Keith’s wife implores him not to take is unclear. If Scott’s wife is speaking to police, she might be begging police not to shoot Keith.

“Footage taken by Keith Scott’s wife shows the moments leading up to the fatal police shooting of her husband.”


Meanwhile, Keith’s wife continued to beg the police officers to not hurt her husband.

“Don’t shoot him. He has no weapon. He doesn’t have a gun. He has a TBI; he just took his medicine. Keith don’t let them break the windows. Come out the f****** car. Keith don’t you do it. Keith! Keith! Keith! Did you shoot him. He better not be f****** dead. I know that much. I’m not gonna come near you. I’m gonna record you.”

The police in the background can be heard telling Keith to repeatedly drop his gun.

“Drop the f****** gun. Drop the gun.”

After the shots ring out, Scott’s wife makes a phone call, and she alternately asks if the police are going to call for an ambulance.

“Yes, we’re over here at 9353 Lexington Court. The police just shot my husband.”

As reported by CNN, according to Keith’s mother, Scott was reading the Koran. After viewing the shooting video, the Scott Family attorney, Eduardo Curry, said that it is clear there is no gun on the ground, but he claims that an object appeared on the ground later. Curry said that Keith exited the vehicle timidly after police banged on the vehicle. Curry said that the right-hand dominant Keith shows his right hand, with no gun seen in his hand in the video. As seen in the below still photo from the shooting video, there is no gun at Keith’s feet.

[Featured Image by Gerry Broome/AP Images]