Ghost Hunter Ryan Buell Arrested, Mother Asks Fans To Stop Enabling Him

Essel Pratt

Ryan Buell, celebrity ghost hunter on the television series Paranormal State, has been arrested on felony charges of theft and stolen property.

In addition to the two felony charges, Buell, 34, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of theft of services. The charges include a failure to refund ticket sales to shows he has scheduled and canceled over the course of the last few years.

The 2014 "Conversations with the Dead" tour was booked across the United States and Canada, and many shows were sold out within a short time. However, without much notice, the shows were canceled and some postponed without a reschedule date. Unfortunately, fans who purchased tickets were never issued refunds. Those who were able to get their money back did so by disputing the charges with their credit card companies.

In 2012, a similar rash of canceled shows occurred. The cancellations were blamed on Buell's battle with pancreatic cancer, which left him weakened and unable to carry on the shows.

In 2013, Ryan Buell claimed he was in full remission and ready to start the tour again, according to ABC7 Los Angeles.

Ryan Buell's mother had been pleading with his fans on Facebook not to give him any of their money

— Global Calgary (@GlobalCalgary) September 22, 2016

Ryan Buell's longtime friend Chip Coffey was originally scheduled to participate in the 2014 tour, but he later backed out when fans started to become frustrated with Buell's cancellations and failure to receive refunds. At one point, Coffey revealed that there was at least $80,000 in ticket sales at stake.

"I know that the last accounting I had, with regards to ticket sales for the 'Conversations with the Dead Tour,' it was in excess of $80,000,"

Ryan Buell's fans seemed to support him, regardless of the canceled shows and lack of refunds, seemingly following his lead blindly. However, as time progressed, more fans jumped off of the bandwagon and began to realize something was not right.

In a strange twist to the story, according to ABC11 Raleigh, Buell's mother took to social media to warn his fans about her son. In the message, she pleads to Ryan's fans that they should stop enabling him and pray for him instead.

Many fans reacted to Buell's mother, with some thanking her and offering prayer. However, others were not so pleasant and backed him up despite his arrest.

TBT photo: Happier times. December, 2007. Paranormal State premiere party in NYC.

— Chip Coffey (@chipcoffey) September 22, 2016

Ryan Buell's arrest stems from his failure to return money that was paid in exchange to attend the "Conversations with the Dead" tour and other promised appearances. It is unknown what the theft and stolen property charges refer to directly. However, according to the arrest report, it is stated that the theft of leased property and receiving of stolen property are the basis for the charges.

In Buell's arrest photo, he looks visually different than when he was featured on Paranormal State, seemingly worn down and tired. Although there are rumors that Buell may be addicted to prescription drugs after battling pancreatic cancer, there is nothing to back that up at this time.

During his time on Paranormal State, Buell was tormented by a demon that seemed to follow him from one location to another. Some die-hard fans wonder if his brush with the law, his past illness, and his deviant behavior may be a result of a possession by that demon. Other fans believe he has simply wandered down the wrong path and needs help to find his way back.

Regardless of the reason for Buell's deviant behaviors, most fans hope that his time in prison will be the wake up call he needs to set his life right.

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