Lindsay Lohan Claims Ex Is Broke And Abused Her, Forced Her To Buy Her Own Engagement RIng

Drama seems to follow Lindsay Lohan, even when her life seems to be on an upswing, as with her engagement to Egor Tarabasov. Now, in an interview with Russia’s Channel One, Lohan is taking aim at Egor Tarabasov, calling him out as an abuser and claiming he is broke. Lindsay Lohan, who went from a child star to a hot mess with drugs and alcohol, is now publicly speaking about her failed relationship with the alleged Russian playboy.

In January, Lindsay Lohan and her sister, Ali, were thrown out of a bar in Greenwich Village after attacking a bartender with a drunken racist rant says the Inquisitr. It started when Lindsay and Ali locked themselves in the bathroom, and patrons were not allowed to enter. The bartender asked them to come out, and when they refused, he told them to leave. That was when the Lohans started spewing racial insults at the bartender who is from Ghana. Lindsay Lohan mimicked the bartender’s accent and told him because he “is not from here,” she was in the right.

Now that her relationship with Egor Tarabasov is behind her, Lindsay Lohan is speaking out about the abuse she endured. Lohan claims that throughout their relationship and engagement, Tarabasov abused her and hit her frequently, explains TMZ. Lohan also says the engagement is over even though she is still wearing her engagement ring.


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But Lindsay Lohan says that she is the one who bought her own engagement ring because Egor Tarabasov is broke, despite alleging that he is from a wealthy Russian family. Lohan says that throughout their relationship, she supported him and not the only way around. Lohan says that now that she has been through an abusive relationship, she now has more in common with her mom, Dina Lohan, who lived through an abusive marriage.

But since Lindsay Lohan gave her tell-all interview to Russian television, ex Egor Tarabasov is now fighting back, according to Vanity Fair. Not only did Lohan claim that Tarabasov was abusive to her, she claims he broke into her house and assaulted her after she broke it off with him and that he is still trying to kill her.

“I went to bed, and he broke into my house. He started strangling me. I feared that Egor may splash acid in my face. I jumped out to the balcony and shouted with all my force, ‘He’s trying to kill me, call the police!’ I am lucky to come to Moscow to speak.”

Tarabasov, a construction heir, caught wind of Lohan’s interview and gave a statement from his vacation in Greece.

“It has come to my attention that my former fiancée, Lindsay Lohan, is planning new smear campaign against me in the Russian and international media. My relationship with Lindsay came to an end in July 2016. In the weeks that followed, there were numerous attempts to discredit my name by inaccurately portraying the nature of our relationship, publishing distorted facts, and making false accusations.”

Tarabasov says that he does not want to be dragged into the Lindsay Lohan media storm.

Lindsay Lohan says that her biggest fear right now is an acid attack courtesy of Egor, says Spy. But Lohan says that luckily, another man was there to save her. Dennis Papageorgiou reportedly stepped in and broke up a fight between Lindsay and Egor, and Lohan is grateful. Papageorgiou is a Greek restaurant and bar owner, and according to Lohan’s friends, they had met before the night of the fight.

“Lindsay initially met Dennis at her 30th birthday party on Mykonos, but she only had eyes for Egor at that point.”

Do you think Lindsay Lohan did the right thing by telling all to the Russian media?

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