Veronica Bozza, Timothy Bozza: Investigation Discovery’s ‘Nightmare Next Door’ Explores Tennessee ‘Criss Cross’ Murderers Inspired By Hollywood Movie

Veronica Bozza, a TV and music producer, was shot and killed by a man her husband hired to kill her. Veronica Bozza’s tragic story will be the focus of ID’s Nightmare Next Door.

In the episode titled “Criss Cross Killer,” detectives are baffled when a mother is found dead on the living room floor by her boyfriend on a Sunday afternoon. But as the boyfriend is ruled out as a suspect, the investigation takes a shocking turn when it is discovered that the killer got his inspiration from a popular movie.

According to WSMV, Veronica Bozza was living in the Hermitage area of Nashville, Tennessee, in August 2010. She was in the middle of a nasty divorce and a bitter custody battle with her estranged husband, Timothy Bozza.

Working as a TV and music producer, Veronica Bozza was already moving on with her life and was ready to put the divorce behind her. But authorities say that the 39-year-old mother didn’t have a chance to move on with her life because someone had decided to end it.

Bozza’s body was found in a pool of blood on her living room floor on a Sunday afternoon. Her boyfriend, Brian Robinson, had spoken with her earlier that day. Her murder devastated her boyfriend, her family, and her community.

An autopsy report determined that Veronica Bozza had been shot four times, two times in the head.

Police learned through their investigation that she had a turbulent relationship with her ex-husband. They also learned that right before her death, she had dropped off her 8-year-old son in the church parking lot after she had attended Catholic mass, according to court records found at Court Listener.

“The victim and the child attended Mass at St. Edward’s Catholic Church. A priest testified that he spoke with the victim after the Mass around 11:35 or 11:40 a.m. The Defendant waited in a parking lot outside the church to exchange custody of the child, as was the usual procedure on Sundays. The Defendant and the child left, and the victim returned to her house. Mr. Cotham was waiting nearby as she left the church, and he followed her home. The evidence showed that Mr. Cotham and the victim struggled inside the house, and he shot her at least four times. A medical examiner testified that the victim had two gunshot wounds to the head, both of which could have been fatal, a gunshot wound to the right shoulder, a gunshot wound to the mid-back, and a grazing wound to the left back. She also had abrasions.”

The investigation revealed that her husband, Timothy Bozza, had threatened her before the killing, court records show.

“On two occasions, he made statements to the victim that she perceived as threats, telling her to ‘be careful, it’s coming’ and stating he could end the nonsense with a telephone call.”

Although he denied having any involvement in her death, phone records place him in her neighborhood. Her cell phone and iPad, which were missing from the residence, were also found to be in the areas where Timothy Bozza had traveled.

Bullet casing used in the killing were traced back to a gun that had been reported stolen. Court records show that the gun was traced back to a woman who was dating Coy “Cory” Cotham Jr., a close friend of Timothy Bozza.

Soon, a narrative began to form. According to police, Coy Cotham agreed to kill Timothy Bozza’s wife. Timothy would also agree to kill a man for him.

The Nashville City Paper states that Bozza agreed to pay Cory Cotham, aka Coy Cotham, $10,000 to kill her. Investigators believe the motive was the hefty insurance policy that Timothy Bozza stood to gain, along with custody of the couple’s young son.

After their arrests and convictions, Cory Cotham and Timothy Bozza were sentenced to life in prison.

According to an entry found at Find a Grave, Veronica Bozza was born in Italy but had been in the United States for 16 years. Her LinkedIn profile states that she was working as a television and music producer in the greater Nashville area, where she was considered one of the best producers. In college, her area of focus was psychology.

To delve into the story more, watch Nightmare Next Door tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery (ID).

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