Shannon Beador Ready To Fight Kelly Dodd At The ‘RHOC’ Reunion

Shannon Beador is gearing up for a drama-filled reunion special for this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The ladies haven’t filmed the reunion yet, as it is set to take place at the end of October. Even though the cameras are done filming the ladies in Orange County and the producers are putting a final hand on the last few episodes, things are exploding on social media. Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd are no longer good friends, as there have been threats of lawyers getting involved. In addition, Shannon seems to have no respect for the new housewife, and she’s ready to fight back against any and all accusations that are coming her way during the reunion.

According to a new tweet, Shannon Beador decided to mock Kelly Dodd on Twitter this week, sharing that she doesn’t exactly want to take Kelly’s advice about following religion and being a model example of how to behave.

“Really Kelly? I need to ‘follow Christ’s lead’??? Please show me the way,” Shannon Beador tweeted directly to Dodd, who replied with, “I don’t understand why you are so upset about my blog! My intentions were good. I’m sorry if u feel otherwise.”

Apparently, Shannon didn’t exactly like the way Kelly had formulated her blog this past week about their drama. It’s no secret that Beador has had her marital issues, but Dodd’s own problems in regards to her husband will air next week on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Shannon Beador may not feel that Kelly is as genuine as she makes herself out to be, as she could be throwing stones when she herself lives in a glass house.

“I know Kelly. All your intentions are good. You’ve shown that on social media for the last 12 weeks,” Shannon Beador replied back to Kelly, adding later in a separate tweet, “Kelly the seasoned cast member ready for the reunion. Threatening me that she is going to bring it. Can’t wait.”


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When Dodd joined the show, she said that she hadn’t watched a single episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but her co-stars don’t believe her. She just seems to know too much about the wives, what had happened last year and even about issues that happened outside of the show, including Tamra Judge’s custody issues.

People either love or dislike Shannon. Some people love how she fought for her marriage and did everything to keep the peace in her house, while others question her decision to be so rude in regards to her co-stars. Beador seems to want it her way or the highway, which is why she has been so quick to dismiss her co-stars in the past. Just last season, she flipped out on Meghan King Edmonds who called her on the wrong phone to get some advice about charity. And Kelly is convinced that Beador simply doesn’t know when to admit to her own faults.

“Shannon can never admit her faults. She is the victim!” Kelly wrote on Twitter, to which Shannon Beador replied, “Nope I own what I do all the time. You on the other hand mutter your apologies while looking to the floor.”

It will definitely be interesting to see how this reunion show will play out, especially since the ladies are getting involved in Twitter feuds over random arguments.

What do you think about Shannon Beador’s decision to argue with Dodd on Twitter? Do you think Beador is ready to take down Dodd at the reunion special, or do you think Dodd will come prepared with something that could seriously hurt Beador?

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