Mandy Moore On New Love, New TV Role, And New Music: ‘I’m Not Going To Let Anything Hold Me Back’

Mandy Moore’s blissful new romance with musician Taylor Goldsmith has helped the “I Wanna Be With You” singer to reclaim herself, according to the Daily Mail.

Mandy Moore has been enjoying her relationship with the Dawes’s lead singer for a year, after recovering from her earlier divorce. The singer was previously married to Ryan Adams, the singer and songwriter, before she filed for divorce, as the singer felt that she was too focused on her married life to allow her creative self to shine. Mandy Moore later revealed that her decision to marry Ryan went against her gut instinct at the time, and became a decision that she would later regret.

Despite feeling that she had made a number of sacrifices for the sake of her marriage, Mandy Moore admitted that she never expected that her marriage would end in a divorce. However, as time passed, she discovered that the life that she was leading after marriage was entirely different from the life that she had envisaged earlier.

Eventually, Mandy Moore became tired of playing the role of a good wife when she found that she felt that her life had become directionless. Amidst her rocky marriage, the singer felt angry and frustrated and eventually recognized her need to prioritize her professional life over her personal life. Later, the “Candy” singer attended therapy sessions, which helped her to understand that she needed to find her own way out of her rut and assume other roles in life that would help her to find joy again. According to People magazine, Mandy Moore spoke about the emotional distress she experienced before she decided to end her marriage.

“There are moments of being curled up in a ball on the floor. It’s really hard. But I’ve moved on and progressed in the stages of grief and being angry and feeling the loss and all that.”

Mandy Moore’s newfound freedom has enabled her to rekindle her acting career, and the “Only Hope” singer can be seen re-embarking on her acting career by featuring in This Is Us, an upcoming NBC series with a story that focuses on the dramatic lives of five central characters whose birthday falls on the same day.

Mandy Moore is paired with actor Milo Ventimiglia, and the on-screen couple is shown to be expecting triplets. According to the International Business Times, Mandy Moore spoke about how lucky she feels while working with Milo, as the two actors have been sharing an incredible on-screen chemistry.

“Every now and then, you luck out and that chemistry is just palpable and it’s right on the surface. And I really lucked out with Milo.”

This Is Us is set to be an excellent opportunity for Mandy Moore to finally establish herself as a popular television actress, as she has had many failed attempts to achieve success on the television screen. Earlier, the singer was scheduled to appear in the pilot episode of the BBC production Pulling, a show that also had creative input from Sharon Horgan. However, Mandy Moore dropped out of the show and later tried to feature in other television projects without success.

Her situation almost turned around when she had the opportunity to feature in the pilot episodes of two shows: an ABC comedy series and a CBS legal drama. However, her luck ran out when both the shows failed to take off. Hopefully, NBC’s new drama will be as popular as Mandy Moore’s other notable film and television projects.

In addition to refocusing on her acting career, the “So Real” singer has also expressed her desire to rekindle her passion for music. Previously, Mandy Moore had produced six albums since 1999, the last one being Amanda Leigh, released in 2009. It also seems as if her new relationship with Taylor Goldsmith has somewhat served as a catalyst for Mandy Moore to once again explore the possibility of resurrecting her music career. According to the Daily Mail, Mandy Moore spoke about the positivity and freedom that she has enjoyed in recent times after going through such a turbulent few years.

“Hanging out in this world again has ignited that part of my brain. Things finally feel like they’re falling into place. I’m not going to let anybody or anything hold me back anymore.”

[Featured Image by Danny Moloshok/AP Images]