UFO 'Star Wars' In Our Solar System? Giant Alien Mothership Shoots Energy Beam At Smaller Spacecraft [Video]

A gigantic alien UFO that passed through our inner solar system earlier this week shot a massive energy beam at the Sun, according to UFO and alien hunters.

The latest alleged evidence of alien UFO presence near our Sun was spotted in an image captured by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) LASCO C3 camera on September 21, 2016. The image was first uploaded to YouTube on September 21, 2016, by UFO hunter Myunhauzen74, who specializes in watching NASA's Helioviewer website, where latest images of the Sun captured by cameras onboard NASA's SOHO space satellite are uploaded.

According to UFO conspiracy theorists, the latest SOHO image reveals clearly the structural details of an alien spacecraft approaching our Sun. Thus, it is impossible to explain it away as a solar flare, a natural object, such as a comet approaching the Sun, or a random flaw in NASA's digital imagery.

"NASA is aware of these alien spacecraft travelling near the Sun but they refuse to admit the fact."
Despite claiming that the image reveals clearly the structural details of an alien spacecraft flying near the Sun, UFO hunters disagreed about the interpretation of the visual data.

Myunhauzen74 believes that the image gives evidence of an ongoing space war in our stellar neighborhood that spilled over to our solar system.

His suggestion that our solar system may have been the theater of a brief and localized Star Wars-style combat engagement between hostile alien civilizations was predicated on what appeared in the SOHO image to be an energy beam being shot by a large spacecraft in the direction of a smaller spacecraft also visible in the image closer to the Sun (see image below).

Myunhauzen74's suggestion that a Star Wars-esque combat engagement may have occurred near the Sun on September 21, is consistent with a recently claimed sighting of a massive military UFO fleet flying past our Sun.

The Inquisitr reported in June the alleged discovery of what was believed to be a military UFO fleet flying in tactical formation past Earth and through our inner solar system close to the Sun.

Announcement of the discovery by UFO hunter Streetcap1 (see YouTube video below) sparked rumors of an ongoing space war in our stellar neighborhood.

"For a fleet this size to be passing Earth, something big is about to happen."
According to alien hunters, it appeared that the military fleet was passing through our inner solar system on its way to a theater of war in a nearby star system.

"Yes, you can bet money that they know we are here, but they are so technologically advanced that we are not threat to them," UFO blogger Scott C. Waring commented on his UFO Sightings Daily blog at the time. "Thus, they ignore us. We see a 60-80 ships here that the SOHO image caught. Many more it didn't catch."

But Waring appeared to disagree with Myunhauzen74's analysis of the latest alleged photographic evidence of an extraterrestrial presence in our solar system. In the latest post to his blog on September 23, 2016, he suggested that the beam of energy was not shot at the smaller craft to destroy it. He claimed the image more likely shows an incident involving two friendly crafts.

According to Waring, it appears that the large UFO was a mothership visiting the Sun to harvest and transport energy back to its home planet. The smaller crafts visible in the image were dispatched from the mothership to approach the Sun, harvest energy, and deliver it to the mothership stationed further away from the Sun.

The mothership, according to Waring, probably fired a tractor beam at the smaller craft to pull it free from the Sun's powerful gravitational field after it (the smaller craft) had filled up with energy from the Sun.

A fleet of UFO spaceships
Alien UFOs in space [Image by Algol/Shutterstock]

"The beam may be a weapon, but I believe it is a tractor beam to pull the UFO away from the sun," Waring speculates. "These smaller UFOs may be harvesting drones that gather a particular type of energy and then deliver it to the mothership for transporting."

Waring appears to envision a scenario where the smaller crafts line up in the field of a tractor beam emanating from the mothership after they have filled up with energy, and then get pulled back to the mothership by the tractor beam acting like a mechanical escalator.

To buttress his argument, he points to a smaller UFO that appears along the alleged tractor beam closer to the mothership (see image above).

"Do you notice the small round UFO that is in the lower part of the beam? This is evidence to [my theory]," Waring argues.

The latest sighting follows a recent series of claimed sightings of massive alien UFOs passing through our inner solar system between Earth and Sun.

The Inquisitr reported last week that UFO hunters claimed to have sighted a giant four-armed alien UFO spacecraft flying past our Sun in a SOHO image taken on September 11, 2016. Many UFO hunters pointed out that the UFO had been seen on multiple occasions in the past flying in the vicinity of our Sun. This suggested to enthusiasts that the UFO was an interstellar shuttle that plies an interstellar route through our solar system.

"Why has NASA continually released these photos without any explanation of these anomalies?"
The Inquisitr also reported earlier this week that UFO hunter Streetcap1 claimed to have spotted a fleet of alien UFO spaceships flying through our inner solar system in an image of the Sun taken by cameras on board SOHO on September 17, 2016 (see image below).

Armada of UFOs in space
Alien UFOs captured by SOHO satellite camera [Image by SOHO/NASA/UFO Sightings Daily]

Alien hunters speculated that the UFOs were a merchant fleet passing through our inner solar system on their way to a nearby alien star system.

"This is a quite complicated looking piece with possibly two or more items meeting in space."
According to alien and UFO hunters, the U.S. government is aware of the heavy traffic of alien spacecraft near our Sun, but they have refused to admit the truth. Some UFO hunters speculate that some of the crafts could belong to alien species, such as the Grays and Reptilians, that have entered into space program alliances with the government.

In other words, some of the spacecraft could be ours.

[Featured Image by Algol/Shutterstock]