Gwen Stefani Brings Her Harajuku Girls To Nickelodeon, Credits Music For Beating Depression

Gwen Stefani is known as a celebrity who never misses the opportunity to acknowledge the performers who have accompanied her on stage during a show. The “Hollaback Girl” singer has announced that she intends to produce an animated series that will be based on the Harajuku girls, the Japanese girls who performed as background dancers in her stage shows and music videos after she embarked on a solo career.

Now, Kuu Kuu Harajuku, the Gwen Stefani produced animated series, is set to be released on the Nickelodeon channel in October. The series revolves around the four aspiring female musicians named Love, Angel, Music, and Baby, who form a group called HJ5 that is led by their team leader named G. Apart from pursuing their musical dream, the girls will be warding off evil by fighting aliens, monsters, and even ill-tempered politicians.

The cartoon characters have been given the stage names of Gwen Stefani’s background dancers, who in turn derived their stage names from the title of the singer’s first album. According to Rolling Stone magazine, Gwen Stefani spoke about how the entire animated series has already exceeded her expectations.

“The artwork is so beautiful and the whole series turned out better than I could have ever imagined. I love that this is an animated series for young girls that celebrates creativity, imagination and individuality.”

Kuu Kuu Harajuku is set to be a welcome, happy event for Gwen Stefani, who recently went through a harrowing time after she decided to end her marriage with Gavin Rossdale, the English musician. Gwen Stefani filed for a divorce, alleging that her husband had had a three-year affair with Mindy Mann, the couple’s nanny.

Even though the divorce has been finalized, it seems that Gwen Stefani is still haunted by her troubled relationship with her former husband. Earlier, rumors about Gavin’s romance with Mindy abounded when the ex-nanny revealed her pregnancy to the media. Now, She Knows reports that Mindy has delivered a baby boy, and it is now speculated that Spencer Gutcheon, Mindy’s boyfriend, may turn out to be the child’s father.

The tumultuous end of her 13-year marriage unfortunately caused Gwen Stefani to sink into a deep depression. However, the courageous singer didn’t allow her depression to get the better of her, as she somehow found the courage to pick up the pieces of her life by turning her attention back to music.

According to E! Online, Gwen Stefani spoke about how music helped her to cope with her depression.

“I knew that for me, music was my gift so I just turned to music. Once I did that, once I did something positive, that’s when I was kind of off the ground.”

Even though it wasn’t easy for Gwen Stefani to lift herself out of her depression, the singer gathered herself again by re-focusing on her musical career. She began to write new songs that were based on the emotional turmoil she had experienced due to the end of her marriage.

Meanwhile, the “Rich Girl” singer found love blooming once again when she entered into a romantic relationship with singer Blake Shelton. The songs written by Gwen Stefani after her break-up were later recorded as songs that featured in This Is What the Truth Feels Like, Gwen Stefani’s third studio album that also included romantic songs inspired by her newfound love.

Although Gwen Stefani is enjoying her romance with Blake Shelton, she has admitted that marriage is not something she concerned with at this time. Currently, the “Sweet Escape” singer is just focusing on continuing to build her relationship with her new boyfriend, with whom she has also recorded “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” a beautiful duet that features on Blake Shelton’s If I’m Honest album. According to People magazine, Gwen Stefani and her new love got together to entertain the audiences by singing their addictive duet during Blake Shelton’s Oklahoma City concert.

[Featured Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]