‘Outlander’ Season 3 Rumors: Production Is Nearly Complete, Premiere Date Soon?

We’re still stuck in the so-called #Droughtlander, so fans are eagerly anticipating the confirmation or denial of any Outlander Season 3 rumors. Now, we can confirm at least one rumor. The production is almost done for the first 13 episodes in the Season 3 block. So does that mean we’ll be getting a premiere date soon?

According to GameNGuide, fans can take comfort in knowing that the latest Outlander Season 3 rumors about the main part of the production being done are, indeed, true, as per writer and producer Ron D. Moore, who hosted an impromptu Q&A on Twitter last night. As he fielded many different types of questions from fans of both Star Trek (whom he previously wrote for) and Outlander, Moore confirmed that while many parts of the production process were nearly complete, he wasn’t sure how they were going to manage the scenes with the ships quite yet.

Moore also confirmed that while Outlander fans can expect more casting announcements soon, he wasn’t sure quite when they would be announced. Finally, he confirmed that there won’t be a 90-minute season premiere, and the season premiere of the show won’t be until 2017 sometime.

Outlander Season 3 Rumors

Other Outlander Season 3 rumors come to us courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar, who were on hand as star Sam Heughan paid a visit to the Barbour flagship store in New York City yesterday. Heughan, who is the Barbour brand ambassador, told the outlet that there’s a lot he’s looking forward to in the upcoming season, and fans would be most delighted to see his character, Jamie Fraser, reunite with his beloved Claire.

“Jamie’s storyline is really exciting. He has to go through a lot before him and Claire are reunited, so I guess, being reunited with his true love, his wife.”

Heughan also told the outlet that he loved shooting the scenes for the Battle of Culloden, and he’s most excited about the final destination of this season’s filming.

“I’m trying to talk around spoilers and not give anything away, but I mean Culloden, we’ve talked about it a lot. It looks spectacular. There’s some great stuff in this book. We’ll be finishing in South Africa, which is pretty awesome.”

Outlander Season 3 Rumors

Finally, more Outlander Season 3 rumors come to us courtesy of Glasgow Live, who published some fan photos of Outlander star Caitriona Balfe filming on the streets of Glasgow, Scotland. According to the site, the show was filming on a street called Byres Road, which is a tree-lined residential street in Glasgow’s trendy East End area. And it is this road that was cordoned off and made to look like Boston, Massachusetts, in the 1950s and 1960s.

Balfe’s co-star, Tobias Menzies, was also spotted by fans filming on the road, leading to the confirmation of the speculation that these scenes focus around the slowly deteriorating relationship between Claire and her husband, Frank Randall.

Balfe, who frequently sings the praises of her character’s strength and complexity, has also said she loves filming in Glasgow, and that she wants this season of Outlander to disabuse people of the notion that “the olden days” were stiff and repressed.

“When people think of the past, they think, ‘oh it must have been really boring!’ But it’s not. [I love] filming in the Scottish Highlands — there seems to be beauty and magic everywhere.”

There is no official premiere date for Outlander Season 3 as of yet.

We, on this end, take our commitment to bringing you the latest Outlander Season 3 rumors seriously, so we will keep you abreast of all Outlander Season 3 rumors as they become known to us.

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