Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss: ‘Empire’ Actress Drops 100 Pounds, Poses In Lingerie For Photo Shoot

Gabourey Sidibe is showing off her amazing weight loss this week, shedding a reported 100 pound and putting her new figure on display at a red carpet appearance and a new photo shoot.

The Empire actress has been on a steady weight-loss journey in recent months, with pictures from public appearances and on social media showing off her ever-shrinking figure. Fans got a good look this week when Sidibe showed up to the Watch What Happens Live red carpet, wearing a red and yellow skirt that Page Six noted “hugged her shrinking waistline.”

Gabourey Sidibe didn’t actually talk about her weight loss, the report noted, but did talk about the importance of accepting yourself to a caller whose daughter had been bullied about her weight.

“Junior high school is a battlefield. Get her in a class or something. Have her find something that she loves about herself,” Sidibe said. “As long as she builds herself and she finds her own self-love, no matter what anybody says about her, it’ll hit her and fall off her.”

Sidibe also told the caller that her younger years were pretty tough.

“Junior high school sucked for me. High school sucked for me. I didn’t get good with myself until I was like, 25 years old. Tell her to hold strong. Tell her to hold on, but it’ll be worth it, honestly.”

With Sidibe not exactly opening up about her weight loss, there is no set figure on just how much she has shed. Some outlets have put it at 100 pounds, while others a bit less.

Even if she’s not talking about it much, Gabourey Sidibe has certainly been showing off her new weight loss, both on social media and in a new professional shoot for Lane Bryant where she had a sheer top with lingerie underneath.

But even with her new body to show off, Sidibe said she’s never been much for the spotlight. When asked by People magazine about her favorite red carpet moment, Gabourey had a hard time coming up with one.

“I like when red carpets are over,” she said. “I hate red carpets in general. I don’t understand them. Can’t we just go directly into the party or can’t we just sit and watch this movie already? So what I’m wearing a pretty dress? What are we doing?”

But Sidibe also said she is proud to be part of a new inclusive fashion movement, one that reaches out to women of all sizes and backgrounds.

“It’s lovely,” she said of the movement. “I’m very proud to take part in something I’ve fallen victim too. Plenty of times, I haven’t been able to wear certain clothes because they didn’t come in my size. It’s nice to be on the right side of the inclusion conversation.”

While many fans have praised Gabourey Sidibe for her weight loss and her level-headed attitude about her appearance, there has also been a bit of confusion. A number of websites have run stories claiming to show her weight loss that are actually misleading, showing other people as the “after picture.”

That is the case with one story that has been advertised on some sites claiming to show Sidibe’s weight loss but actually showing a picture of actress and American Idol star Jennifer Hudson, who herself was known for a big weight loss.

But regardless of the misinformation out there, Sidibe seems to be taking her weight loss journey in stride and keeping a level head about her accomplishments.

Photos from the Lane Bryant photo shoot — with Gabourey Sidibe showing off her weight loss in a less-than-racy lingerie top — can be seen here.

[Featured Image by Gabourey Sidibe/Instagram]