Jennifer Aniston: Why She’s Not Speaking About Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce Just Yet

Jennifer Aniston has chosen not to respond to the recent news concerning her ex-husband’s divorce with Angelina Jolie, it has been revealed.

Friends and family members were reportedly urging the former Friends co-star to make a subtle reference to the Hollywood couple’s split, but according to Hollywood Life, the actress isn’t having any of it.

A source close to Aniston reveals that she is “taking the high road” in all of this drama that is surrounding Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s failed marriage. Jennifer is aware that people are waiting for her to respond and make some kind of comment regarding the couple’s split, but from what insiders have gathered, it’s not going to happen.

The thing is, Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have any ill feelings towards the duo — at least not anymore. A source continues by stressing that the actress found peace years ago; she’s now happily married to Justin Theroux and is looking forward to their future together. She’s barely even paying attention to Brad’s relationship drama with Angelina Jolie, which seems to be heading for quite a nasty divorce.

“Jennifer Aniston, 47, learned the news about Brad’s divorce at her Bel Air home with her husband Justin Theroux by her side. Her phone has been blowing up all day with friends wanting to trash Brad, but she is taking it all in stride,” the source revealed.

“She is taking the high road and not saying too much about it to anyone. Her life is good and her day has been otherwise typical and relaxing.”

Over the years, E Online reveals that Jennifer Aniston has had to shut down endless rumors about her supposed jealousy over Angelina Jolie, who infamously became the reason why Brad ended up ditching the actress, with further reports at the time claiming that Jen-An wasn’t ready to start a family, which ultimately made Pitt’s decision to divorce his ex-wife much easier.

Since 2005, Jennifer Aniston still holds the most number of tabloid issues written about her each year, with stories ranging from jealous fits over Angelina Jolie to secret hookups with Brad Pitt — all of which her rep was quick to deny and shut down.

By giving some kind of statement about Brad and Angelina’s situation, Jennifer Aniston knows that it’s just going to lead to more headlines and unwanted attention. Before she knows it, the press will be interfering in her love life, and bombard her with questions about her ex-husband, which she most certainly has no interest in talking about.

For the time being, Jennifer Aniston is keeping a low profile until the drama surrounding Brad Pitt’s marriage dies down.

Jennifer Aniston’s name began trending worldwide yesterday afternoon on Twitter, following the news that Brad and Angelina were divorcing, with fans eagerly waiting for Jennifer to make some sort of snarky and shady comment.

News of Aniston taking the high road in Brad Pitt’s divorce case comes just days after it was revealed that Angie and her soon-to-be ex-husband would also be fighting for full custody of their children. As it currently stands, Jolie wants full custody all to herself, having branded Pitt as a bad father, which the actor has strongly denied through a statement of his own.

Sources reveal that things are turning for a rather rough path between the duo, giving Jennifer Aniston all the more reason to keep her distance. After all, Brad and Angelina only live a few miles away from the actress.

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