Samsung Galaxy S III Sales Skyrocket Following iPhone 5 Release

Remember when the release of an iPhone device destroyed the sales success of other smartphones? That isn’t the case anymore, in fact the iPhone 5 release appears to have skyrocketed demand for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

According to analytics tracker Localytics, which tracked Galaxy S III sales for the last four months, the flagship Android phone saw a huge sales spike after losing a $1.05 billion court battle against Apple and then going on a brilliant attack via various Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone 5 print and video ads.

The court case may have in fact made millions of users realize that the Galaxy S III was “comparable” to Apple devices while offering more features such as NFC technology, a larger display and a replaceable battery.

Measuring weekly device growth Localytics found that the S III increased at a rate of 9% from July 31 through October 1st but shot up by 15 percent the week after the iPhone 5 was released and Apple was awarded $1.05 billion.

The increase in sales followed a tapering off the week of September 4 when sales were stagnant.

The lull followed by a jump is sales was likely the result of customers waiting to see what new features the iPhone 5 would offer that the Samsung Galaxy S III failed to provide. As it turns out the Apple iPhone 5 arrived with mapping issues, data leak issues for Verizon Wireless customers and several other smaller flaws.

It’s hard to tell if Apple may have helped Samsung gain a boost in smartphone sales but it sure looks that way from where I’m looking.