Falk Weltzien, Florida Man, Struck By Lightning While Kitesurfing [Video]

Michael Söze

Vilano Beach, Florida -- Authorities say a man who was struck by lightning while kitesurfing on a beach in Florida is recovering from his injuries.

According to ABC News, Falk Weltzien, 39, was on Vilano Beach Monday with his 14-year-old son, Kai, when he was knocked unconscious by a bolt of lightning.

Kai recalled the scary moment to News4Jax.com saying that he saw a large blinding flash and felt a small tingle in his arms. He then saw his father lying on the sand.

Kai said he started screaming his father's name and people ran over to give his dad CPR.

"When I looked at him his eyes were open and he was foaming from the mouth," Kai said. "Then I didn't look at him anymore because I was really scared."

According to his wife, Tonya, Falk's condition was improving. Kai, was released from the hospital Monday night.

“I’m feeling very thankful,” Falk Weltzien said. “I know I could have been dead.”
"We are in Florida. It is very common to see lightning strikes, a lot of lightning in our area, so it's something we're certainly prepared for," Robshaw said. "We've definitely dealt with it, but it is uncommon for us to actually deal with what we think is a confirmed strike."