‘Good Day To Die Hard’ Starring Bruce Willis And Some Other Guy Gets A Trailer [Video]

You’re certainly not alone if Live Free and Die Hard left you wishing that the Bruce Willis action franchise would have stayed buried, and you probably groaned all the more at the promise of a fifth entry, titled A Good Day to Die Hard, but that didn’t stop studio executives from pushing it through and making the film anyway.

We’ve got the trailer embedded below, offering us a sneak peek at Bruce Willis’ fifth outing as over-worked and under-paid cop John McClane, promising another chapter filled with the explosions, big guns, and snappy one-liners the series has become known for, but this entry has a slight twist: Where the previous film saw John McClane’s daughter (played by the absolutely bodacious Mary Elizabeth Winstead) jumping in on the action, A Good Day to Die Hard teams McClane up with his own son, who “may even be more of a hardass than his father,” according to the press release.

Jai Courtney of Spartacus fame plays McClane’s estranged son, who joins dad on a mission to blow up … well, the plot stuff really isn’t important (read: doesn’t exist) but you don’t go and see a Die Hard movie expecting to walk away with something to chew on like Willis’ latest outing Looper. You go and see a Die Hard movie to see things get blown up as Bruce Willis walks away from the flames in slow-Michael-Bay-motion slinging catchy one-liners.

If that’s the movie you want to see, then A Good Day to Die Hard will almost certainly satisfy.

Here’s the trailer for Bruce Willis’ A Good Day to Die Hard. Let us know what you think!