Ian Somerhalder And Nina Dobrev's 'Vampire Diaries' Reunion Is Causing Nikki Reed To 'Freak Out'

Perry Carpenter

More trouble is on the way for Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed. The former Twilight star is reportedly worried about Somerhalder working with Nina Dobrev on the final season of The Vampire Diaries. Is Somerhalder rekindling his romance with Dobrev?

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Reed is very unhappy with the idea of her husband working alongside Dobrev this season. Even more, Reed is freaking out because she thinks Dobrev and Somerhalder might be secretly hanging out off-set.

Somerhalder's marriage has been plagued with divorce rumors ever since he tied the knot with Reed. Reports of an imminent divorce heightened after fans learned that the show will end after Season 8 and that Dobrev would likely make a final cameo.

Of course, Dobrev's involvement in Season 8 has not been confirmed, though producers have strongly hinted that they want her back for the series finale.

In fact, the Inquisitr previously reported that Dobrev's mother gave her tips for performing sex scenes on the show, which included some scenes with Somerhalder.

"The awkwardness and the weirdness is when my mom comes to set and I have to do a sex scene," she explained. "But what's even weirder, when I come off set, she starts giving me notes... like, arch your back more, it'll look sexier if you arch your back."

Despite their chemistry on-screen, Somerhalder and Dobrev's relationship did not outlast the show. But that doesn't mean Somerhalder didn't enjoy every moment of his romance with Dobrev, both on and off the set.

"But it is cute to see them and their interactions together," Somerhalder said at the time. "I think anyone - whether it be Nina or Paul or myself - anyone will tell you it's typically going to be a lot more fun to play the bad guy, the bad boy, the bad girl because they're more dynamic, they're more fun."

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Dobrev has been keeping plenty busy since her departure from The Vampire Diaries in Season 6.

Apart from expanding her career in Hollywood, Dobrev is keeping in serious shape. Recently, the actress competed in a Tough Mudder challenge in Toronto and finished with flying colors.

"Arctic Enema, Electric, Shock Therapy, and 10 miles of mud," Dobrev shared on Twitter. "We survived... Barely."

Indeed, some rumors hint that Dobrev could reprise her role as both Elena and Katherine in the new season. If that is the case, then she might need to show off her muscles as she does battle with Stefan and Damon one last time.

Meanwhile, CW 33 released new photos from the upcoming season premiere, "Hello Brother."

The images reveal that The Vampire Diaries is returning to its roots with a highway hijack courtesy of Damon Salvatore (Somerhalder). Only this time, Damon gets some help from Enzo (Michael Malarkey).

At the same time, one photo features Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) looking serious, while we also got a first look at the new nanny, Seline, played by Kristen Gutoskie. Seline is looking after Alaric's (Matt Davis) kids while trying to fit in with everyone in Mystic Falls. Will Seline fall for Alaric in Season 8?

The final season of The Vampire Diaries is set to premiere on October 21 on The CW.

Tell us! Is there truth to the rumors that Nikki Reed is "freaking out" over Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev's reunion? Let us know what you think in the comments, and check out some of their steamiest scenes below.