Vicki Gunvalson Denies ‘Milking Injuries’ For Attention On ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’

Vicki Gunvalson was in a dune buggy accident with her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars earlier this year, and she was rushed to the hospital. Her injuries appeared to be so bad that the emergency crew didn’t want to take a chance, and a helicopter came to pick her up. She was flown to Palm Springs, which was the closest hospital dealing with trauma. Her co-stars were concerned about her health, but she was quickly released from the hospital because she hadn’t broken anything. Gunvalson recovered at home, where her co-stars visited her.

According to a new tweet, Vicki Gunvalson is now denying the accusations coming from Tamra Judge. When Tamra was recently asked whether Vicki was overreacting in regards to her injuries, she revealed that she thinks she was milking the injuries for attention. Even Gunvalson’s own daughter thought that her mother was overreacting with her injuries, as she does tend to act up when she gets hurt.

“GET OVER YOURSELF! Milking your ‘injury’ for all you can! You’re pathetic! Shannon isn’t your friend! Go away already icky!” one person wrote to Vicki Gunvalson about how she handled herself in her recovery, including how the pictures were shared of her in the gurney.

Shannon Beador said that she would never take selfies while she was in a neck brace after a roll-over accident. Vicki Gunvalson has denied that she took the picture, but it didn’t look good for Vicki. Many of her co-stars kept questioning just how serious this accident was. While the ladies initially made it seem like Gunvalson could have died and was close to death, the selfies didn’t exactly support that theory. And now people are starting to question whether she faked her injuries for attention.


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“I never ‘milked’ my injury. YOU have no idea the amount of time loss from work and doctors i had to see. You are clueless,” Gunvalson revealed on Twitter in response to the person who is questioning her injuries.

One of the reasons why Vicki Gunvalson is being questioned is because she took time off from work after the rollover accident. When Briana was suffering from a massive leg infection after a surgery, Vicki didn’t take time off work. The editing on The Real Housewives of Orange County made it seem like Vicki Gunvalson didn’t think that her daughter’s issue was important, but her own injuries were serious enough to take time off work.

“YOU, the workaholic who couldn’t take time off to help your sick daughter, MISSED WORK? OMG, it must’ve been really bad!” the person wrote back, while another fan added on Twitter, “You should have a serious talk with your daughter. It’s not ok that she continues to bash her mom on national tv.”

Some people thought it was wrong for Briana to slam her mother and question her actions about her recovery. But Briana wasn’t the only person who was questioning her mother’s injuries, as Tamra also thought that Gunvalson overreacted.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson possibly making a bigger issue about her injuries than necessary? Do you think she was seriously injured even though the emergency room crew decided to send her home after a few hours rather than admit her to the hospital?

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