Chris Brown Denied Entry Into Japan After Police Standoff And Assault With A Deadly Weapon Case

Chris Brown has been denied entry into Japan, but it’s not the first time his past has caught up with him. TMZ reports that Chris Brown had shows scheduled in Tokyo, Japan, next week, and his visa application has been denied, with consulate officials citing Japan’s “low tolerance for admitting visitors with criminal backgrounds and open cases” as the reason for the denial.

Chris Brown’s website says that he has tour dates scheduled in Tokyo, Japan, on September 26 and 27 and that tickets are still available. But Music News reports that those Chris Brown Japan shows have been postponed in light of his visa difficulties.

TMZ and multiple other websites are citing Chris Brown’s recent charges of assault with a deadly weapon as the reason he’s being denied entry into Japan. But, Chris Brown has a criminal background and pled guilty in 2009 to felony assault against Rihanna.

When he appeared on Good Morning America immediately following a probation violation stemming from the Rihanna incident, he lost his cool and shattered glass, storming out of the building shirtless.

It is unclear specifically what criminal behavior prevented Brown from entry into Japan, although his Rihanna felony could prevent him from entry into Japan. The Collateral Consequences of Criminal Conviction and Restoration of Rights group says that Japan has the “strictest conviction-related bars to entry of any country,” and will bar entry to anyone with felony records, or anyone that has been convicted of a drug offense.

Chris Brown does have a felony record, and also a very long history related to drugs and related offenses. Billboard offered a timeline of Chris Brown’s multiple assaults, a hit and run, and the many times he has been kicked out of rehab facilities. Even Brown’s own former manager has alleged that he’s been attacked by Chris Brown.

But the most recent allegations of a police standoff at his Los Angeles home on August 30, that allegedly involved guns, drugs, and an assault with a deadly weapon, are being cited by multiple outlets as the reason he was denied a work visa to enter Japan next week.

A source has told TMZ that he will try and reapply for a visa, but whether or not he will be able to get that with his history remains to be seen. The Los Angeles Times reports that Chris Brown’s most recent police standoff began at approximately 3 a.m. on August 30 when the police showed up at his home in response to a 911 call from inside the home.

The 911 caller, a woman, reported that someone was holding a gun to her. When the police arrived, they surrounded his home in what has been referred to by multiple outlets as a 10-hour standoff.

By 1 p.m. that day, a search warrant had been procured, and police entered the home with Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos. The L.A. Times reports that as police entered, people left the home with their hands behind their heads and were being patted down.

During the search, a duffel bag was reportedly thrown out the window of a home. The contents of that bag are unclear, and details on that have not been released by the police, said the L.A. Times. But TMZ has reported in a separate report on the incident that drugs and weapons were seized that day after a duffel bag was thrown out of the home.

While the police were surrounding his home, Chris Brown reportedly made multiple video rants referring to “Black Lives Matter” incidents and posted them online. He later deleted those posts.

After the search of the property and all parties, Chris Brown was taken into custody and released after posting $250,000 bail reports the L.A. Times.

The alleged victim is a model known as Baylee Curran, reports People Magazine. She has somewhat of a checkered past of her own, being wanted for theft, and other curious allegations around her have not made her the most credible alleged victim or witness. People reports that she told Extra that she went to Brown’s home for a business conversation that day, and he pointed a gun at her when she was looking at some of his diamonds.

The L.A. Times reports that he told her to get out of his house, and she did, with a friend. As she tried to flee, in a strange turn of events, she says she was asked by Brown’s associates to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

After fleeing the home, she called the police, and the police standoff occurred until the 1 p.m. entry of the home. Watch the video here of the live streaming that took place by reporters as people gathered outside Chris Brown’s home shortly after the police took entry.

It’s a case that has not yet been presented to the prosecution reports Music News. Music News also says that Brown’s lawyer has said, this is due to lack of evidence. Brown’s lawyer is certain the police will eventually drop the case.

But, law enforcement has said they are actively investigating the case and have asked for an additional 15 days to complete all of their interviews and investigate all of the evidence related to the case. In the meantime, Chris Brown is working on re-applying for a visa for entry to Japan.

However, it was just one year ago and last September when he was denied entry into Australia due to his felony history with Rihanna reports the Telegraph. With Japan’s even stricter entry requirements than Australia, it could be an uphill battle for him to get into Japan as well, even if these latest charges are dropped.

Chris Brown is not the only artist being denied entry abroad as a result of this August 30 incident. Radar Online reports that singer Ray J was at Brown’s home the day of the incident, and was then refused entry into Australia for his honeymoon with Princess Love just for being related to the August 30 incident. Sounds like being associated with Chris Brown sends up red flags to border officials all over the world.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Chris Brown says he is being framed in the August 30 incident and has started selling T-shirts on his Instagram that say, “This [bleep] lyin’.”

We will follow the story and update you on the progress of Chris Brown’s latest involvement with law enforcement. Do you think Baylee Curran framed Chris Brown in this case?

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