Keith Lamont Scott Criminal Record: Violent Past Arrest Record Includes Assault With A Deadly Weapon

The criminal past of Keith Lamont Scott is coming to life after Scott was shot dead by Officer Brentley Vinson, as reported by the Inquisitr. A mere Google search for Keith Lamont Scott turns up the Google suggestion of “Keith Lamont Scott criminal record,” which indicates that plenty of people are searching for Scott’s criminal record.

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In terms of an investigative point of view, the criminal history and record of Scott could be relevant. However, detractors might view looking into his criminal history as demonizing the shooting victim after his death. Nevertheless, some say that what is relevant is what happened between Scott and the police officer that shot him on Tuesday in Charlotte. The fallout from that killing has caused the city of Charlotte to be placed under a state of emergency in North Carolina.

According to WBRC, Scott did indeed have a criminal record — and his criminal record spanned three states.

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Keith’s criminal record spanned from Texas to South Carolina to North Carolina — with the irony being that part of Scott’s criminal record included aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Whether that deadly weapon was a gun or not also remains to be seen, as more details about Scott’s criminal record continue to emerge. Since there is controversy over whether or not Keith had a gun when Officer Vinson shot and killed him, some say that Keith’s criminal record is essential as a predictor to his actions on Tuesday.

Others say that Scott’s criminal history has no bearing on the deadly events that happened Tuesday — and that police would not have known of his criminal history when they approached his vehicle. Whether police ran Scott’s license plates prior to approaching his vehicle is not known. It also is not known who police were really searching for when they sought to serve a warrant to a different person — and if they criminally and racially profiled Keith as that potential person instead.

Whereas the family of Keith Lamont Scott and other witnesses state that he was simply reading a book when undercover police officers approached his vehicle and ultimately shot and killed him, authorities claim that a gun was in Scott’s hand and was recovered at the scene.

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In terms of additional criminal records for Scott, his Texas records further reveal that he experienced a conviction for evading arrest with a vehicle in 2005 — a fact that certain folks would say would play into the way that Keith may have responded to authorities. However, with Scott’s daughter claiming that Officer Vinson was wearing plainclothes and not police attire when he approached Keith’s vehicle, it isn’t known if he was aware that Vinson was indeed a police officer.

The remaining facts of Keith’s criminal record include a 1992 guilty plea for a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Scott’s criminal record also reveals in 2004 a misdemeanor assault conviction in North Carolina, a state that is now experiencing a lot of unrest due to his death.

Feedback from social media about Keith’s criminal record can be read below.

“Attorney for #KeithL.Scott speaking out of school; has an extensive criminal record including assault w/weapons.”

“‘Scott loved the police, he worked with them so many times!’ *looks at criminal record* Yeah, that’s one way of putting it…”

“You talk about all video and investigation facts being released! What about Scott’s Criminal Record & Police Run-ins?”

“This woman brought up Scott’s criminal record just to say it won’t matter in court because it’s not relevant at the time. So why bring it up.”

“Mr. Scott had a criminal record; this justifies murder. Sad.”

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