Ryan Serhant 'Million Dollar Listing Wedding': Ryan Shares His Take On Luis Quitting

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Ryan Serhant is gearing up for his wedding special on Bravo, which is a spin-off from Million Dollar Listing: New York. Serhant allowed the cameras to film his wedding to Emilia Bechrakis in a fall special that starts airing on Bravo tonight. And while Ryan was doing a promotional interview for his wedding special with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, it sounds like people were more curious about Luis D. Ortiz's decision to leave real estate and Million Dollar Listing: New York -- something Ryan had a hard time understanding.

According to a new Bravo report, Ryan Serhant seemed a little confused as to why Luis would want to leave the industry and a wildly successful show that has been nominated for an Emmy. Ortiz's decision to leave the show came as a huge surprise during the season finale for Million Dollar Listing: New York earlier this summer, as he hadn't mentioned it to anyone. Not even Ryan knew it was happening.

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Luis had struggled to find out what was wrong. He had tried building a team, he had tried therapy, and he had even tried taking a break. But nothing seemed to work, so he needed to leave the industry completely. He announced his retirement on the show, and it sounds like Ryan Serhant thinks it's for real. This isn't just a temporary decision, but rather a lifestyle decision. No word on what he will be doing instead.

— Ryan Serhant (@RyanSerhant) September 22, 2016

While Serhant did seem surprised at his co-star's decision to leave the industry and the show, he explained to Andy Cohen that he left the show due to him not being happy. He wanted to be happy, and he has been writing a book since leaving the show. Ryan Serhant does follow him on social media, but apparently, they don't talk too much. But Serhant has revealed that his friend must be happy because he's been traveling quite a bit.


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"I think so," Ryan Serhant told Andy during his visit to Watch What Happens Live, adding, "He's been traveling a lot. I follow him online. He seems like he has a really great life."

It sounds like Ortiz is staying close with former co-star Fredrik Eklund. The two spent Monday night speaking to a large group of people in Stockholm. The two decided to travel to Fredrik's home country of Sweden to share their experience in real estate. Ryan Serhant stayed behind to market his own show, which airs tonight on Bravo.

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While Serhant was surprised that his co-star decided to leave the industry, Ortiz previously explained that his co-stars were probably bummed about his decision, as they were a great trio on Million Dollar Listing: New York. And Ryan Serhant does seem bummed about it.

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"I think they're not happy about it because I think we, as a trio, make such a good cast and I think the show is so successful because of the three of us together," Luis revealed about his decision to leave the show behind, according to the Daily Dish. "I think they're bummed, but they're happy for me. Both of them are always going to have a special place in my heart. I give them both keys to two separate penthouses in my heart, south-facing [with] floor-to-ceiling windows. They'll always be a part of my life and I think as I actually go into an industry, I think we will now talk differently because we won't be rivals in real estate. We'll actually be happy to hear about each other's successes."

What do you think of Ryan Serhant's comments about Luis, who decided to leave a successful career and show behind?

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