Jenelle Evans’ Pregnancy Timeline Questioned — Did Nathan Griffith Know Before Anyone Else?

Jenelle Evans has been the talk of the reality television world since announcing she is expecting her third child with a third man. She has been dating David Eason for just under a year, and the couple is expecting a baby girl this winter. It will be her first little girl after having two boys with two previous boyfriends. Jace is currently in the care of her mother and Evans is raising Kaiser while his father, Nathan Griffith, gets visitation.

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Currently, Jenelle Evans is airing on MTV’s Teen Mom 2. She was introduced to the world when she found herself pregnant as a teen and took part in the 16 & Pregnant documentary series offered by MTV several years ago. After that, she branched out to Teen Mom 2 with three other girls facing the same plight. While Evans gave birth and attempted to raise her son, Jace, she ultimately signed custody over to her mother, Barbara Evans. A lot of criticism has followed her throughout her time on television and in the past few weeks, it has increased drastically.

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Last month, Jenelle Evans finally admitted she was pregnant. Rumors had been circulating for months about it, but she continued to deny them. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Nathan Griffith had called out Jenelle Evans on Instagram after one of her pregnancy denials. While she denied being pregnant and blamed tabloids for the rumors, Griffith posted a photo of her with a baby bump underneath her comment. These two have a very complicated relationship, and he knows how she works and when she is lying through her teeth. He has yet to publicly comment on her pregnancy, but when he does, it won’t be anything she wants to hear.

The pregnancy was leaked after Jenelle Evans was in a car accident with her boyfriend, David Eason. Once the police report hit social media, it was revealed that the female passenger (Evans) was roughly 10 weeks pregnant. Of course, she denied that she was pregnant and snapped back at the public for not worrying whether or not she was okay but worrying about whether or not she was having a baby. She then threw a tantrum and took a social media “break” for a few days. Again, there was no confirmation regarding her pregnancy, just avoiding the questions.

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When Jenelle Evans was getting ready for the MTV Movie Awards, she decided to drop the bombshell of her pregnancy. There were rumors she would announce the day of but instead, she decided to do it the Friday before. Of course, Evans faced plenty of backlash and to defend herself, she threw shade at her co-star Chelsea Houska who is also expecting. The drama between the two has been ongoing for years as both are in constant competition with one another. When Houska announced her pregnancy, she was met with excitement, and when Evans announced hers, she was met with disappointment and judgment.

As her due date draws closer, Jenelle Evans is still facing intense criticism. She likes to insist that the men in her life are the problem and her actions don’t have consequences. Three children with three different men is just the beginning of her issues. Evans has been in and out of jail for minor charges and has been arrested over a dozen times in under a decade. Teen Mom 2 is currently taping and will likely show the moment she decided to jump the gun on announcing her pregnancy and her attendance at the MTV Movie Awards. She walked the red carpet but was denied access into the actual event because David Eason didn’t have a ticket. While many fans had hopes that Jenelle Evans would eventually pull herself together, it doesn’t seem like that will be the case in the near future.

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