Philadelphia Police Officer Who Punched Woman Will Be Fired [Video]

The Philadelphia police officer who punched a woman in the face during the city’s Puerto Rican Day festivities will be fired from his job, and could also face criminal charges.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey stated that the officer, Jonathan Josey will be suspended for 30 days and will be dismissed after he hitting Aida Guzman, 39, and knocking her to the ground on Sunday in a brutal move that was caught on video, reports CBS News.

Ramsey also stated that Josey, who is a veteran of the Highway Patrol division, may be charged for the incident. Ramsey stated:

“Obviously, he could be criminally charged. The DA would have to make that decision.”

The video of the Philadelphia police officer hitting the woman was posted on YouTube on Sunday and has been viewed more than 1.3 million times. It was brought to the department’s attention on Monday.

The video shows Josey punching Guzman in the face, knocking her down, and then handcuffing her. She is then led away by two other officers while her face is bleeding.

The woman was charged with disorderly conduct for reportedly throwing a beer bottle, but the District Attorney has decided to drop the charges against her. Guzman stated:

“I am an older woman. I am 39-years-old. I don’t have time to be playing around or throwing water to be disrespecting another person.”

ABC News notes that a fellow officer stood up for Jonathan Josey, calling him a “good cop.” Lieutenant Ray Evers stated of the 19-year-veteran that:

“If I was in a jam, I’d want him backing me up. He’s a good cop, but the video speaks for itself and the investigation will reveal whatever it reveals.”

Josey has had 13 complaints made against him during his 19 year career, but Evers stated that it is not completely unusual for officers in rougher neighborhoods to have complaints against them. The 13 complaints against the Philadelphia officer range from verbal abuse to physical abuse. Evers stated:

“It’s hard to decide if that’s a lot or a little. Most were unfounded or not sustained.”

Check out the video below, called “Philadelphia Police Brutality,” to see Philadelphia police officer Jonathan Josey punching a woman: