Sheep Born With Upside Down Head Is Reportedly Living Happily Down On The Farm [Video]

A sheep allegedly born with an upside down head has become an internet sensation. The United Kingdom farm animal, affectionately known as Terry, is reportedly living a normal life among the other livestock. YouTube user MrMacca, who posted the viral video, notes that a vet said the sheep born with a bizarre deformity can do everything his perfectly former brethren typically do on a routine basis.

MrMacca was identified as Allan McNamara on the Daily Mail website. The animal has reportedly not exhibited signs indicating that he is in any sort of pain. McNamara had this to say about Terry:

“Its spine is curved as far as I can tell. I don’t think it’s in any pain. It certainly seemed as normal and docile as sheep normally are. It’s crazy.”

The YouTube video of the sheep with the upside down head depicts the animal strolling around in a field, casually grazing on grass. Some posters noted that the creature’s head looks perfectly normal in the video, so McNamara posted photos on the Imgur site to illustrate the alleged birth deformity in more detail.

Non-sheep experts may very well have difficulty attempting to determine what exactly is wrong with Terry’s head from the video and currently posted photos. A comparison photo posted on The Blaze helps to find visibly subtle differences. Terry’s ear placement and direction do not appear to mirror the same positioning as perfectly formed sheep in the companion photo.

The altering possibilities modern technology enables are causing some viewers to believe the video of Terry is a fake. The YouTube sheep video poster noted that he is headed back to the farm this weekend to take even more photos to more clearly demonstrate the unusual head deformity.