Hilary Clinton Checks Out Christina Aguilera’s Cleavage

Christina Aguilera was honored by Hilary Clinton today for her efforts to fight world hunger. But who cares… Did you guys see that photo of the Secretary of State checking out the X Factor judge’s cleavage?

Aguilera has received a lot of criticism for gaining weight recently but the former teen idol says that she is embracing her fuller figure. Well, it looks like Aguilera has at least one new admirer.

According to Hollywood.com, the photo is 100% real, meaning that it wasn’t photoshopped. Of course, we can’t know for certain if Hilary was actually sneaking a peak at Aguilera’s chest or if she was just caught in an awkward pose.

What do you think? Is Hilary Clinton a fan of Aguilera’s?

If’s unclear if Clinton is an admirer of Aguilera’s assets but it is clear that she appreciates the singer’s work as a UN World Food Program Ambassador. The Huffington Post reports that Aguilera, along with business tycoon David Novak, was awarded this year’s George McGovern Leadership Award for her efforts to fight global hunger.

Aguilera said:

“As a woman and mother, I’m honored to receive this award and be part of the global effort to solve hunger … For just 25 cents a day, we can feed a child in school and be part of the solution. In my travels with the World Food Program, I’ve seen firsthand how that meal changes the life of a child. It’s the stories I’ve heard and the people I’ve met through World Food Program that I carry with me every day.”

Are you a fan of Christina Aguilera? Did you know that she was a UN World Food Program Ambassador?

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