‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Now On Netflix Canada

Grey’s Anatomy fans wanting to catch up on Season 12 before the Season 13 premiere on Thursday, September 22, have some good news. The season is now available on Netflix Canada and most other territories.

It is about time! Fans outside of the United States have only had to wait two extra months compared to the U.S. fans. ABC has a deal with Netflix where the entire seasons of select shows are available 30 days after the season finale. Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 was on that list and was made available on June 18, according to Moviefone.com.

Fans everywhere else had to wait. It wasn’t until last month that they found out the season would definitely be available just ahead of the Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 premiere. Those who logged into their Netflix accounts this morning in Canada would have been greeted by the “new episodes” sign. That was also the case in other territories where Grey’s Anatomy is available, including Brazil and Argentina.

Season 12 was a difficult year for fans of the medical drama. It was the first full year without Derek “McDreamy” Sheppard. Many fans started to wonder if the show would be renewed, especially with the announcement after the season finale that Sara Ramirez would leave the drama after 10 years. However, it looks like Shonda Rhimes’ shows are still performing strongly. Not only has Grey’s Anatomy been renewed for Season 13, but it is still getting its Thursday night slot, one of the strongest nights on TV.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 is set to see some turmoil. Meredith Grey has tried to move on from her husband’s death with Dr. Nathan Riggs. Some fans wonder whether it is too soon for her, although, it’s worth remembering that there was a one-year time jump in Season 11, and her half-sister Maggie has already shared her interest in the doctor.

So far, promos of the show have included a look at April and Jackson’s new baby, who was born at the end of the season. He was their second child, but it was an extremely difficult pregnancy considering their first son died shortly after birth. Their marriage had fallen apart after that, and it looked like they may have been on track for some sort of reconciliation until April kept the second pregnancy a secret from him. The promos show Catherine Avery, Jackon’s mother, visiting April in the hospital, holding the baby.

There are questions now over when Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 will be released on Netflix. That is likely to be around the same time as Season 12. ABC and Netflix still have their deal for streaming programs, with some coming 30 days after the season finales. Grey’s remains as part of that deal, so it should be released around June 2017. There are no plans to change the season running of the medical drama since it is still performing strongly. It should air its season finale sometime in May 2017.


The storylines for the upcoming season are still being debated. There were rumors that Sandra Oh would reprise her role as Cristina Yang, but the actress denied that this would happen. Maybe she will appear just for a guest spot. One thing fans were extremely disappointed about is that she was never there for Meredith after the death of Derek.

Grey’s Anatomy fans will likely find out more about Jo after the reveal at the end of Season 12. It turns out that Jo isn’t her real name, and she had to change it to keep herself safe from her violent husband. The whole reason she can’t marry Alex is because she’s already married, and filing for divorce would mean that he could find her.

Don’t forget that Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 premieres on Thursday, September 22 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]