‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’: Starter Split Evolution Types Already Revealed By Pokemon’s Official Site!

The three starter Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon were revealed way back on May 10, and ever since, Pokemon fans have been speculating almost constantly as to what the starter evolutions might be. Well, by piecing together several old pieces of Pokemon Sun and Moon news with something just confirmed in the official trailer The Pokemon Company released yesterday, Pokemon fans may finally be able to take a very good guess as to the natures of the final starter evolutions, including their appearances and what their typings might be.

The first piece of the puzzle is the idea that the Sun and Moon starter Pokemon will each have two final evolutions. That concept is suggested by combining the reveal of “Rockruff’s secret” with the recently revealed split evolution of Rockruff into two completely different forms of Lycanroc, and it is discussed in more depth by another recent Inquisitr article on the subject.

The second piece of the puzzle is the leaked starter evolution types accidentally placed on Pokemon Sun and Moon’s official site back when the starters were announced, a slip-up by The Pokemon Company that The Inquisitr also covered. The leak essentially revealed that the final forms of the starter Pokemon would be grass/ground type in the case of Rowlet’s evo, water/fighting in the case of Popplio, and pure fire type in the case of Litten. The accidentally shown starter Pokemon evolution typings have since been removed from the site’s coding, where tech-savvy Pokemon fans initially dug them up.

On the surface, the typing leaks found on Pokemon’s site and then quickly deleted might look like mistakes made by some programmer from Gamefreak and then quickly corrected. If Pokemon fans look a bit deeper, though, they can see that the leaked typings actually make a lot of sense. Like, too much sense to be just a coincidence.

Take the typing for the final evolution of Rowlet, the grass type starter Pokemon and the first of the three in the Pokedex. Grass/ground might at first seem like a kind of odd typing for an owl evolution until one does a little research and finds there is a species of owl native to Hawaii called the Pueo Owl that burrows in the ground instead of flying. What’s more, the Pueo Owl is active in the daytime rather than being nocturnal, like most owls. What with the owl being native to Hawaii, the region inspiring Pokemon Sun and Moon and the species burrowing under the earth rather than taking to the air, it is more than plausible that Rowlet’s evolution really could be a grass/ground type Pokemon based on the Pueo Owl.

Finally, the third piece of the puzzle is the three starter Pokemon evolution forms put forward in the Chinese leak, an assortment of leaked Pokemon Sun and Moon information that Pokemon fans have come to see as gospel because of the many game details the leak predicted that have been officially revealed by The Pokemon Company since then. Part of the leak shows images of the three starter evolutions, images that have been basically confirmed as the real deal in the minds of many Pokemon faithful. Like the other ideas in this article, The Inquisitr has published a number of in-depth pieces on the Chinese leak.

The thing is, the images of the starter Pokemon evolutions leaked from the proven-accurate Chinese source do not gel with the typings leaked on the official site. Take Rowlet’s evolution, for example. The evolution from the Chinese leak, an owl archer Pokemon, looks like it is probably grass/flying or grass/dark. Maybe grass/steel. But definitely not grass/ground, as the typing leak from Pokemon Sun and Moon’s site might suggest.

This incongruity caused many Pokemon fans to dismiss the leaked typings as a mistake once the Chinese leak began to look accurate. If the three starter evo images were accurate, the leaks couldn’t be, right? Well, thanks to new information, Pokemon fans now know that both leaks might be spot-on. Again, a previous Inquisitr article covers it in more depth, but info gleaned from the most recent Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer strongly suggests that, like Rockruff, the three starter Pokemon may each sport two separate final evolutions that depend on whether the player is traveling through Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon.

Pokemon-themed Youtube content creator aDrive goes one step further in his video on the subject by pointing out that the three final evos shown in the Chinese leak project a darker, more sinister feel and look like they might be the three the player will be seeing should he or she fully evolve their starter Pokemon in Moon. Judging by simple logic and the fact that the Pueo Owl is active only during sunlight, aDrive goes on, one can assume the three final evos whose typings were leaked on the site will be exclusive to Pokemon Sun.

Of course, all of this is just speculation, but it is looking more and more likely every day. If you haven’t checked out the latest Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer, you should definitely do so. It is only the most recent of the Pokemon Sun and Moon news dumps that are being gifted to fans at a fast and furious rate, and you can keep checking back at The Inquisitr in the future for complete coverage of every one of them.

And as always, train on, Pokemon fans!

[Featured Image via Pokemon]