Louis Tomlinson Baby Fresh Pics Emerge Online

Louis Tomlinson’s baby boy, Freddie, has new pictures of him doing the rounds on the Internet. The baby’s mom Briana Jungwirth, 23, recently shared an up-close snapshot of their seven-month son alongside other pictures on Instagram. She captioned the image “stunner,” according to Hollywood Life. Louis Tomlinson shares the baby boy with Briana, but their relationship has soured in recent months.

Briana and One Direction star Louis Tomlinson, 24, have been in conflict over the handling of photographs of Louis Tomlinson’s baby boy. Child custody has also been a bone of contention.

Photo Dispute

Briana has been fond of posting pics of Louis Tomlinson’s baby online. While marking her first Mother’s Day, she posted a dedication on Instagram.

“This past year has been the best and worst of my life. I was blessed with the most amazing gift – a beautiful baby boy that I grew inside of me for 9 months,” she said of Louis Tomlinson’s baby Freddie.

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Sharing of Louis Tomlinson’s baby shots on social media is alleged to be one of the bones of contention between Briana and Tomlinson. There have been reports of Tomlinson taking legal steps to prevent Briana from sharing the photographs of Louis Tomlinson’s baby boy without the dad’s consent.

But Briana is firing back, saying that she has a right to post pics of Freddie on her social media pages because she feels proud of him, TMZ reported.

Custody Dispute

Other than the handling of pics of Louis Tomlinson’s baby boy, Tomlinson and Briana are also entangled in a custody dispute. Tomlinson feels that he is not getting enough time with his son so he is considering legal action to increase his access to the tot. Tomlinson is reportedly seeking to have equal access to Freddie as Briana.

If Briana agrees to his request, insiders say Tomlinson is ready to avoid a court battle over the custody of his baby. But if Briana stands pat, Tomlinson will have no option bad demand an equal access to his baby boy as the mom.

The Source of Conflict

The friction between pop star Tomlinson and stylist Briana reportedly stems from Tomlinson’s involved with Danielle Campbell, his girlfriend.

It is alleged that Briana was infuriated when Tomlinson turned up at her home with Danielle to collect Freddie. That incident pained Briana so much that she reportedly ordered Tomlinson to keep off her property. However, Tomlinson and those close to him have strongly refuted the allegations that Danielle turned up at Briana’s home.

Insiders say that Briana is worried that interaction between Danielle and Freddie would destroy the critical bonding period between the baby and the mom.

Tomlinson and Danielle have been dating since December and the pair has been seen holidaying in Mexico.

At some point, Tomlinson has been seen with his son Freddie in the company of his girlfriend Danielle and Tomlinson’s mother Johannah Deakin. But efforts to cut Danielle’s access to Freddie saw Tomlinson and Briana reach a temporary custody agreement that the only place where Tomlinson could visit the baby is Briana’s house in Los Angeles.

Louis Tomlinson
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Strained Relationship

The rift between Tomlinson and Briana seems to have continued to widen since allegations that Danielle showed up at Briana’s residence. Things are so strained that Tomlinson can only pick his son from a negotiated location, Mail Online reports. The co-parents have been spotted exchanging the baby in a car park. They call it a neutral ground since Tomlinson has been barred from accessing Briana’s residence and Briana would not come to his place to hand over the baby.

Tomlinson moved from London to stay in Los Angeles so that he can be close to his baby. Briana stays in Calabasas in a $1 million home whose bill Tomlinson foots. Tomlinson has rented a house in Hollywood Hills not far from Briana’s residence.

Briana receives $15,000 a month from Louis Tomlinson for child support.

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