Drake, Rihanna Are Only Friends — What Chris Brown Thinks About Their Relationship

Drake and Rihanna are the “it” couple at the moment. Despite their rather troubling history, the two are now back into each other’s arms and are going pretty strong. However, if Drake’s dad is to be believed, the two are just friends.

The Inquisitr quoted TMZ as saying that Drake’s father has gone on to say that the two are just friends and have been so for a long time. “They’re friends, they’ve been friends for years,” Dennis Graham said. Graham said that the rumors of the two settling down are completely untrue. “I don’t know about settling down. No, they’re friends. There’s no relationship, they’re friends,” he said.

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It’s not easy to ignore rumors of marriage even as Drake’s dad claims there is nothing brewing between the couple. The Hollywood Gossip revealed that the two are seriously thinking about marriage now. “They’ve been talking about marriage for a while, and Rihanna has been gushing about becoming ‘Mrs. Graham,” an insider says.

The publication went on to say that the two are not going to spare any expense when it comes to the wedding. The sources have even said that the two will fly their guests in a private jet. The marriage is likely to take place in Rihanna’s hometown of Barbados.

“They want to fly guests in via private jet,” explains the insider. It looks like things are moving pretty fast between the two.

“They’re looking into holding the ceremony at the Sandy Lane Hotel, which is the most exclusive place on the island.” The sources have gone on to say that Rihanna, in the most stylish fashion, is going to wear three different costumes.


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According to Vogue, Rihanna and Drake‘s relationship goes back as far as 2009. The two were spotted together quite a few times before Drake told the New York Times that Rihanna might have used him as a pawn. “You know what she was doing to me? She was doing exactly what I’ve done to so many women throughout my life, which is show them quality time, then disappear.”

In a 2011 interview, Drake confessed that he and Rihanna never thought the same about their relationship. Drake said he always thought it was more than just friendship.

There is another angle to this story that gets a lot of press time and again and that is Chris Brown. The Hollywood Life quoted certain sources as saying that Chris is definitely not convinced about the relationship.

“Chris doesn’t believe for a second that his soulmate would tie the knot with her long-term side piece,” an insider said. The source goes on to say that Chris finds it hard to believe that the two are serious. “[He] ain’t buying that for a minute.”

The Drake-Chris Brown beef is as old as 2012. Drake said in a GQ interview in 2013, “Two rappers fighting over a woman—he’s not even a rapper, but still. It’s the last way you want your name out there.

“It distracts from the music. But he’s made me the enemy, and that’s the way it’s gonna stay, I guess.”

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However, Drake made his point at the 2016 VMAs when he said he’s been in love with her for a very long time. “She’s someone who I’ve been in love with since I was 22 years old,” he said. Clearly, Drake doesn’t seem to be mincing words with this confession. However, we still don’t know what Rihanna’s take on this is.

Do you think Drake and Rihanna are just friends? Do you think Chris Brown is still hung up on Rihanna? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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