Jana Kramer’s Husband Allegedly Cheated More Than Once, In Rehab For Sex Addiction

Jana Kramer’s husband, Michael Caussin, is in rehab at this time, but so far they haven’t shared why he is there. Jana is working hard on Dancing With the Stars, and now everyone is talking about what really happened between these two. They are not divorced yet, but when he went to rehab Jana shared that they were separated. Us Magazine shared that it is being revealed now that Jana’s husband allegedly cheated on her, and it was more than one time.

Jana shared that when she met NFL tight end ­Michael Caussin everything just fell into place, and she was in a good spot. This was actually Jana’s third marriage. They seemed like a great match, but now a source close to Jana is sharing saying, “Mike cheated on her multiple times with multiple women.” Back in 2014, they split for a bit when he cheated on her, but Jana went back to him. The source went on to share that a friend told Jana over the summer that she was pretty sure that Mike was sleeping with a paid escort that she knew. This was the final straw for Kramer.

Everyone saw that Jana Kramer recently posted a video of herself at Carrie Underwood’s concert. In this clip, she was singing along to “Before He Cheats” and it made everyone think that Mike might have cheated on her. Now it turns out this is the case according to the source.

There had been rumors that Mike was in rehab for alcohol abuse, but now it turns out that a Kramer inside says he is in Mississippi’s Pine Grove rehab facility to treat his sex addiction. The insider said, “Jana finally woke up — she knew she couldn’t do it anymore. They’re definitely done.” It doesn’t sound like there is any way that he is going to win Jana back.

The insider shared that Jana married him anyway, but at one time she took a friend’s phone and messaged him saying, “Had fun last night.” The insider said, “She was trying to bait him to see if he had met anyone.” Mike didn’t fall for it, though. Her friend said that Jana, “told friends she really believed the cheating would never happen again. I always said my greatest job will be being a mom, and he’s going to be the best dad.” The source explained that Nashville really is a small town and people were telling Jana about the rumors they were hearing about Mike cheating.

An insider at Dancing With the Stars said that Jana Kramer still says separated and not divorced, but that could change soon. She is also still wearing her thin diamond wedding band at this time. Jana may be hopeful that Mike will change his ways, but only time will tell. She has divorced twice before and it wouldn’t be surprising if she did it one more time.

Jana Kramer is working on DWTS now, but she is also taking care of her daughter. Jana is also out on tour as well. News-Press shared that Jana Kramer is out on tour with Chase Bryant as well. She will be performing at Cape Coral’s Coconut Fest. The annual festival takes place Nov. 10-13 at Sun Splash Family Waterpark. Jana is staying busy which of course, has to make things easier on her. For now, Mike is still in rehab.

Are you shocked to hear that Mike allegedly cheated on Jana Kramer? Do you think that Jana should even consider taking him back? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss watching Jana Kramer on new episodes of Dancing With the Stars on Monday and Tuesday on ABC.

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