‘Pokemon GO’ Trading System Details Leaked

Pokemon GO trading is one of the highly anticipated features in the recently dethroned top grossing app from Niantic Labs, and some techies may have found details about it via a recent update code dump.

According to BGR, the trading feature in the first mobile app to use augmented reality was one of the highlights during the release of the first Pokemon GO trailer two and a half months ago.

But despite high hopes that The Pokemon Company would deliver everything they promised in one go, fans of the mobile game continue to wait patiently as the game developer gradually releases one feature at a time.

Pokemon Go Buddy System
[Image by Pokemon Go/Niantic Labs]

In the third update of the game, Niantic added bot fixes and the unexpected Pokemon GO Buddy System which fixes every player’s dilemma on earning precious Pokemon candies to power up their pocket monsters, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

After that, a more recent update added compatibility with Niantic’s recently launched device called the Pokemon GO Plus which can be synchronized with the mobile app. Worn on the players’ wrist, the device vibrates whenever a Pokemon is detected or when the player is within range of a Pokestop.

Unfortunately, both updates of Pokemon GO did not include the most-awaited key feature of the game that is expected to be included in the franchise.

But don’t fret for Niantic CEO John Hanke confirmed with Tech Insider in July that the Pokemon GO trading system is indeed coming — eventually.

“It’s kind of a core element.”

Now, Pokemon GO Hub revealed that a recent code dump for the game included details on Trading under the Pokemon Go 0.37.1 APK.

According to the International Business Times, the information gathered by the so-called “data miners” were made possible by the Buddy System update where “a few new strings related to trading” were discovered.

The data mining website — which proudly explained that what they do is a kind of reverse engineering — revealed that the Pokemon GO trading system would include a search feature that allows players to search for other users who are participating in trading or the so-called “Trading Players.”

However, the extent of visibility or range of search is still uncertain for this feature.

“No info on the visibility and range of Trade Search – it’s too early to say if you’ll be able to trade worldwide or not.”

Pokemon GO Trading will also include options that would enable players “to create, cancel, and complete Trade Offers,” which is only limited to Pokemon. This means that as far as the code dump is concerned, there will be no trading of supplies such as Pokeballs, Razz Berry, Potions, and others.

The trading system for Pokemon GO is also expected to be “resilient to ‘connection loss.'” This, Pokemon GO Hub explained, would mean that the trade will pursue once a viable connection is available again even though it was cut off during the first try.

One curious thing about the Pokemon GO Trading is that there is still no information on how it will commence — whether it would be made via internet connection, Bluetooth, or some other new technology we haven’t heard of yet.

Of course, all these will remain uncertain and unofficial until The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs make an announcement, though fans are crossing their fingers that Pokemon GO Trading would come sooner rather than later.

Pokemon GO is currently available for download via the App Store and Google Play and has so far been updated with enhancements and a new feature at least once every month since it was launched in July.

[Featured Image by Amr Nabil/AP Images]