Emily Blunt Shamed By ‘The Girl On The Train’ Author

Emily Blunt is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to attracting film roles with great potential, but her most recent role in The Girl on the Train has come under question and by the author of the novel upon which the film is based. It seems Emily’s iconic beauty isn’t what Paula Hawkins had in mind when she wrote The Girl on the Train. So, what exactly is wrong with Blunt in her portrayal of the lead character, Rachel Watson? It’s not so much Emily’s acting, which is as compelling as always, but her look. Hawkins says Blunt is all wrong for the character.

The Girl On The Train Isn’t Supposed To Be Beautiful

The mystery unravels. #TheGirlOnTheTrain is in theaters October 7.

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Boiled down to its basest premise, E! News reveals that The Girl on the Train tells the story of a divorcee, who is both overweight and a compulsive drinker, becoming involved in the events of a missing persons case. While the description is vague enough to describe millions of women, there’s just no way Emily Blunt could fall into that category. Even on a bad hair day, Ms. Blunt seems to shine like a rare penny. That, in a nutshell, is the problem Paula Hawkins has with the casting of Blunt as Rachel in The Girl on the Train.

“Oh, she’s too beautiful to play Rachel,” Hawkins said. “They’ve done their best, I mean to sort of make her look a bit s–t, but you know…”

While Hawkins does object to Blunt’s casting in the film adaptation of her novel, she’s quick to add that she has always been a fan. She cites The Devil Wears Prada as her favorite Emily Blunt vehicle and adds that, even though the look is all wrong, Blunt does give an outstanding performance in The Girl on the Train.

Blunt has since responded to the criticism of her appearance and her portrayal of Rachel Watson, though she doesn’t call out Hawkins by name. Instead, she suggests that people, whether they are fans of the novel or not, go see the film and judge for themselves.

“I think any time a character or certainly a book is beloved, you’re going to be met with some resistance to whoever is cast or whoever is doing it. But at the same time, all I could think of is that it’s going to have to be my version of her whether people like it or not.”

Emily Blunt Does Her Fair Share Of Shaming


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Emily has done a bit of shaming of her own and, as Entertainment Tonight reveals, this time, it was aimed at judgy mothers casting their eyes downwards on the practices of other new mothers. Nowhere is this more openly displayed than among celebrity moms who find themselves constantly preyed upon by the paparazzi, before being shredded by fans, critics, and even fellow Hollywood moms.

“I think there is a huge societal pressure on women when it comes to motherhood, this sort of mummy cult that goes on,” Blunt says. “And I think it sort of makes women feel that they have to be a bit defensive about the choices that they make, whether they want to be a mother, whether they don’t, whether they want to breastfeed, whether they don’t. I could go on and on.”

Emily adds that women can be too brutal toward one another, particularly in dissecting one another’s domestic lifestyles. The Girl on the Train star adds that the Paula Hawkins novel and film adaptation goes a long way toward examining the “mummy cult” in a fictitious setting. Blunt says woman tend to be more cruel in domestic settings than in any other environment, suggesting she has witnessed this type of behavior first hand.

Together with husband John Krasinski, Emily Blunt has two daughters, newborn Violet Krasinski and 2-year-old Hazel Krasinski.

The Girl on the Train hits theaters on October 7.

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