The Game’s Alleged Sex Tape Leaks: Explicit Footage Exposes Rapper’s Skills

The Game’s sex tape has allegedly leaked onto the internet, according to a new report. The explicit four-minute video gives fans a glimpse into the rapper’s not-so-impressive bedroom skills.

Rumors swirled that the Game’s alleged sex tape has leaked on Friday, Sept. 16. The video in question exposes him for “being a 4-minute man,” according to a report via In Flex We Trust. According to the gossip outlet, there was a hidden camera shot inside the room where the Game and the mysterious woman were seen having sex. Although the tape has leaked since then, the clip has since been removed from the In Flex We Trust news site.

Pop Glitz, on the other hand, has kept the Game’s alleged NSFW explicit sex tape up on its own website. The outlet claims that Meek Mill could be the one behind the leak. The Game and fellow rapper Meek Mill have been in a feud on social media. It all started at the Game’s latest performance in Miami, where he reportedly threatened to beat up Meek Mill, who allegedly revealed that the Game stole a chain that once belonged to singer Sean Kingston.

Both rappers have been taking jabs at each other on social media. Then, inside source Sonny Mac told Pop Glitz that an anonymous person has leaked an alleged sex tape of the Game that features him only having sex for four minutes with the woman in missionary style. The alleged tape was first leaked on the website Fameolous. It’s still not clear if it was Meek Mill who leaked the tape and if it’s really the Game in the video.

The Game has since been vocal about his ongoing feud with Meek Mill, and he revealed that he’s not done feuding with the hip-hop artist anytime soon. On Wednesday, Sept. 20, the 36-year-old rapper made an appearance on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning Show, where he dished more on his feud with Meek Mill and where it will lead them in the future.

“It wasn’t about ‘I want to fight because I don’t like him.’ It was about some things that went on, you know what I’m saying, between me and him—he know, I know. Everybody else didn’t have to get pulled in, but, of course, it’s social media and all of that […] it goes to this blog and that blog, and it turns into what it is today. I’m just voicing my opinion on a situation that personally affected me.”

The Game also addressed whether he and Meek Mill have ever been involved in a physical altercation, reports Complex. He insisted that he was never going to fight the rapper.

“He ain’t going to fight me. He ain’t going to put himself in a situation where he’s available to fight me,” he responded.

Radio host Peter Rosenberg then asked the Game why he threatened Meek Mill with violence, as it went against his previous statement against violence. Back in July, the Game teamed up with the LAPD in a new PSA commercial that aims to end violence among young minority men.

“I go every direction. I don’t got to be Jesse Jackson every day in my life. If one day I feel like I need to protest and be proactive for Black Lives Matter, than that’s cool. I can do that on that day or for that week. And then the next week, if someone pisses me off, I can have an attitude or get mad about that.”

Then, in a video first published by TMZ on Tuesday, the Game remarked about the recent shooting of Terence Crutcher and how it made him rethink his feud with Meek Mill. During the interview, he said he doesn’t plan to release any more diss tracks after his latest entitled “Pest Control.” But, that doesn’t mean the Game won’t stop talking about Meek Mill in the near future.

[Featured Image by The Game/Instagram]