‘Little Women: LA’ Drama — Terra Jole Won’t Be Getting ‘DWTS’ Love From Lila Call

When it comes to Dancing with the Stars, you would easily assume that Terra Jole would have a lot of support from the women who are on Little Women: LA with her. They are on a reality series full of drama, but they can all relate to her. You would assume they would stick together no matter what. It turns out that this isn’t the case, though, and one woman is refusing to talk nice about Terra Jole.

Radar Online shared what Lila Call had to say about how she feels regarding Terra Jole’s participation on the show this season.

Lila Call is excited for a little person to be on DWTS, but she doesn’t have good things to say about Terra. Lila spoke out sharing her thoughts about Terra being the first little person to do the show.

“I’m totally stoked for her in all honesty, and just being humble, like what a pioneer. I keep saying that, she really is forget about being little, she just had a baby!”

Lila does think that Terra Jole is doing a great thing by being on the show, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to get along and become best friends all of a sudden. She does feel like Terra is taller than her, but she also made sure to say that she was fatter than her as well. She thinks she should be partnered with Jason Perez or another little person professional dancer, but that isn’t the way they decided to do it. Terra seems to be doing fine with a man of average size as her partner.

After that, Lila went on to share more of her thoughts on Terra. Here is what she had to say.

“She’s huge! Did you ever see that big fat cupcake a**? I try to slow it down to look at the footwork to see if technicality and things like that were there, I don’t think there was. I don’t think it’s possible — our bodies just don’t do that.”

As for voting for Terra Jole, Lila is staying quiet about whether she will be calling in for her. She is proud of what she is doing, but it does sound like Call is a bit bitter as well. Only time well tell how well Terra can do on the show this season. They may decide to put another little person on the show in the future.

Starcasm shared that some of the women from Little Women: LA are supporting Terra on the show even if Lila isn’t doing it.

Traci Harrison Tsou went to her Twitter to support Terra, saying, “That was AMAZING @TerraJole & @SashaFarber! #dwts #TeamXL Everyone needs to VOTE by calling 1-800-868-3412 @DancingABC.”

You know that Terra at least has her votes on the show.

Jazz Persaud Lang spoke out and said, “Great job @TerraJole & @SashaFarber #DWTS #TeamXL.”

So far, Terra Jole is doing great on the dance floor, and she made it through the first week without getting sent home. Terra is the first little person on the show, and it would be amazing if she could find a way to end up winning the show. It doesn’t feel like Call is going to change her opinions on Terra anytime soon. Don’t expect to see her sitting in the audience and cheering her on.

Are you shocked to hear that Lila Call still doesn’t have nice things to say about Terra Jole? Do you feel like she should be supporting Terra Jole on the show? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Dancing with the Stars on Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]