Tamra Judge Tells Kelly Dodd ‘Watch Yourself’ After Kelly Brings Up Tamra’s Daughter

Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd were getting along on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but that apparently didn’t last. In fact, the two seem to have a contentious relationship right now. On Tuesday night, Tamra even warned Kelly to watch herself after Kelly brought up Tamra’s oldest daughter on social media.

What prompted Tamra’s warning? Earlier on Tuesday, a fan of Kelly’s tweeted to Shannon Beador that while Kelly’s daughter may hear what Kelly says on the show, her own daughters will see her disgusting behavior and character. Kelly agreed with the tweet, stating that Shannon needs to worry about her own family situation.

When another viewer wondered what happened between Kelly and Shannon, since the current Real Housewives episodes show the two of them getting along, Kelly said that Shannon brought up her daughter on Andy Cohen’s talk show, Watch What Happens Live. Kelly obviously finds publicly talking about one another’s children off-limits.

During Andy’s talk show on Monday night, which featured Shannon as a guest, a preview of next week’s Real Housewives episode was aired. The preview shows Kelly crying as she tells Vicki Gunvalson about how she tried to divorce her husband, Michael Dodd. Kelly said that the night prior, Michael yelled at her to shut up. Kelly sobbed as she said that Michael’s behavior was showing their daughter that it’s okay for a man to talk in such a way to a woman.

After the clip had aired, Shannon didn’t express any sympathy for Kelly. Instead, Shannon immediately said that Kelly’s daughter is also going to see how her mother talks.

“And her daughter’s gonna see the comments that she’s making on the show. Just saying [shrugs and smiles].”


On Twitter, another viewer said that what Shannon said on Watch What Happens Live didn’t seem like a malicious comment, but it was just a factual comment. The viewer also pointed out that Kelly brought up Tamra’s daughter, Sidney, in a tweet, so she’s guilty of the same thing that she’s mad at Shannon for.

Kelly defended herself by saying that Sidney, at 18, is an adult. Kelly added that she only asked how Tamra would feel if she contacted Sidney and her father, Tamra’s ex-husband Simon Barney. Kelly maintained that she would never actually do such a thing because she’s not that low.

Tamra responded to Kelly’s defense. Tamra corrected Kelly regarding Sidney’s age, stating that she’s actually not yet 18. “Watch yourself,” Tamra warned, making it clear that she didn’t want Kelly bringing up Sidney anymore.

On Monday, Tamra Judge tweeted the link to a Real Mr. Housewife article which explained that after it was reported that Tamra communicated with someone who used to be friends with Kelly Dodd and who is now bashing her on social media, Kelly responded by tweeting that the former friend is “a whack job” who’s jealous. Kelly also tweeted that Tamra communicating with the former friend was “low” and questioned whether Tamra would like it if she contacted Simon and Sidney.

When a viewer questioned Tamra on what happened between her and Kelly, since they’re shown getting along on the current episodes, Tamra told her to keep watching.

Tamra also maintained on Twitter that she didn’t initiate contact with Kelly’s former friend.

As long-time viewers of The Real Housewives of Orange County know, Tamra went through a bitter and drama-filled divorce from Simon, whom she was married to when she first joined the show. The two battled one another for years, particularly in regards to their three children together. Tamra and Simon’s oldest daughter, Sidney, currently lives with Simon and has no contact with Tamra. On the Season 10 reunion show, Tamra tearfully shared that she has had no contact with Sidney for years. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in August, Tamra admitted that Sidney was “very upset” about being talked about on the reunion show.

On the latest episode that aired on Monday, it was Shannon Beador’s family drama that took center stage. During Shannon’s daughters’ rock concert, Shannon’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law unexpectedly showed up. Upon seeing them, Shannon whispered to her co-stars that her mother-in-law and sister-in-law didn’t like her and had never accepted her into the family. Later, as Shannon’s daughters performed their music, Shannon’s mother-in-law, with tears in her eyes, told Kelly and Tamra that Shannon pushed her son, David Beador, into having his affair. She was referring to the affair that Shannon talked a lot about on the previous season.

“He’s a wonderful guy. He made one mistake and she pushed him.”

Tamra ended up telling Shannon, during the event, what her mother-in-law said. Shannon exploded in rage, hysterically yelled at David for what his mother said and stormed off to the bathroom. She could be heard crying in the bathroom. When she came out, she told David that she has never done anything wrong to his family, and he needs to defend her.

During her Monday night appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Shannon explained that she wasn’t actually blowing up at David but at the situation. Shannon said that she’s hurt that David’s family still doesn’t accept her despite how long she has been married to David.

“I wasn’t blowing up at David. I was blowing up at the situation. It has nothing to do with the affair. It has to do with the hurt because after that many years I’m still not accepted into the family. That’s just the bottom line.”

On Tuesday, Kelly seemingly referenced Shannon’s drama with her mother-in-law in a tweet. When a viewer tweeted to Kelly that she has a family of convenience, not love and respect, Kelly maintained that she has a very close family who loves her. Kelly said that she talks to everyone and that her in-laws love her.

Was Kelly Dodd’s tweet that she has a close family that loves her a dig at Shannon Beador, and perhaps also at Tamra Judge?

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