'Kindred Spirits': Paranormal Investigators Amy Bruni And Adam Berry Debut New Series On TLC In October

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are already well known to paranormal fans as investigators on one of the first and most respected ghost hunting shows, Ghost Hunters. Now they have formed their own supernatural dynamic duo to bring sinister haunts to TLC viewers with a new series, Kindred Spirits, which debuts October 21 after the season premiere of A Haunting and a Ghosts of Shepherdstown special.

While Ghost Hunters usually focuses more on landmarks and historic buildings, Bruni and Berry are getting up close and personal to try to help families with paranormal activity in their private homes this time around. They kick-off the first season of Kindred Spirits by investigating strange and disturbing events at a remote farmhouse on 34 acres in Pennsylvania. The family has very intense paranormal activity, such as smashed light fixtures and being scratched by an unseen entity. And for an extra creepy element, an apparition likes peeking out from behind a tree from the woods around their home. The family living in the rustic cabin hopes it's deceased family members, but Bruni and Berry are skeptical.

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry
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Do you have goosebumps yet? Judging from a screener of the debut episode of Kindred Spirits, you will. The families tell their stories firsthand before any supernatural investigation starts, rather than telling stories through dramatic reenactments, such as the format of shows like A Haunting or Paranormal Witness, or movies based on real paranormal events, such as The Conjuring. But then the ghost hunting tools and the devices to talk with the dead come out.

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There are a wide variety of approaches to paranormal shows on TV right now, including the very dramatic and sometimes over-the-top Ghost Adventures or Mountain Monsters, where Bigfoot allegedly provoked one cast member to strip naked in the woods via telepathic powers. Because if you're Sasquatch chillin' in the woods and you have telepathic powers, you naturally want some country, backwoods ghost hunters to strip naked, right? Kindred Spirits is nudity-free, but you'll have to judge for yourself if that is a good or bad thing.

Anyway, on the other end of the spectrum are those low-key paranormal investigations, such as Paranormal Lockdown, on TLC's sister channel Destination America. The latter features Nick Groff from Ghost Adventures, and Katrina Weidman from Paranormal State, who are currently filming their second season of this latest ghost hunting hit. Believe me, Groff's approach is very different outside the presence of Zak Bagans, and Weidman is a favorite from her days on Paranormal State, bringing a refreshing human element to paranormal investigations programming.

And then there is The Dead Files, which defies categorization. It's simply in a paranormal league of its own. Once again, you'll have to judge for yourself whether that is a good or bad thing.

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Kindred Spirits definitely forgoes the drama queen approach, offering serious investigations for families in need, yet making sure to keep a sense of humor between the two investigators, Bruni and Berry. From the get-go, Kindred Spirits shows the rapport between the two, and why they make a great team on the series. After proclaiming they aren't "woodsy people" for secluded location in the premiere, Bruni and Berry joke about getting camouflage cargo pants so they can blend into the woods and the ghosts won't see them. Or as Berry says, they'll just think the ghost hunters are trees.

Like Ghost Hunters, not every EVP session or communication tool yields results, so it can be a little slower than some shows in that respect, but Kindred Spirits is more realistic because of that, which makes it even more credible, even on top of the impressive resumes of Amy Bruni and Adam Berry. The Ghost Adventures and Mountain Monsters shows can be a whole lot of fun, but Kindred Spirits is the kind of show for serious paranormal investigators and those who get their kicks from a more subtle, sinister vibe. And those high action shows don't always give you the feels like this latest paranormal show will in the premiere.

If you're excited for Kindred Spirits, you can also look forward to warming up (or getting chilled) before the premiere with that one-hour special from Ghosts of Shepherdstown, and the premiere of the new season of A Haunting. The paranormal activity kicks off at 8 p.m. ET, with Ghosts of Shepherdstown following up on their paranormal investigation approximately one year ago in "the most haunted town in America" in West Virginia. Then A Haunting launches their new season at 9 p.m., with Bruni and Berry in Kindred Spirits following at 10 p.m.on TLC.

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