What To Expect From Tomorrow’s ‘Street Fighter 5’ PS4, PC Update Besides Urien

Venus Montalbo

Capcom is ready for the Street Fighter 5 update slated for release tomorrow, September 22 on PC and PS4. One of the highlights of the upcoming game patch is Urien, the last of six post-launch Season 1 DLC characters announced for the game.

"Urien has complete confidence in his own physicality and this elitism shows itself through his sadistic and tyrannical tendencies," Capcom-Unity described. "He gains joy only from dominating others and having them crumble in the face of his incredible power."

"Urien returns to Street Fighter V, donning a pinstriped suit and is often seen with a sinister smile when he hits opponents with his powerful limbs and violent combos. He uses his slow moving projectiles to pressure opponents and get them to do his bidding. A master of manipulating ki, his signature Aegis Reflector, one of the 66 Illuminati secret arts, is back and allows him to control the pace of the match."

After the update, SFV gamers can immediately purchase the "Dominating Light" through Steam or the PlayStation Store or with the use of Fight Money. Meanwhile, those with the Street Fighter 5 Season Pass should automatically have access to the newest playable character once the game update becomes available.

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The newest update for Street Fighter 5 will also bring in new environmental stage KO's for an assortment of stages including the Shadaloo Base, Underground Arena, Kanzuki Estate, City in Chaos, Forgotten Wall, and Lair of Four Kings. Moreover, Capcom is also making an update to the Fighter Profiles and will activate live stat tracking, allowing you to "dissect your gameplay to find and eliminate bad habits or simply show off your skills to friends."

"Now you can slug it out with the AI of varying difficulty and sharpen your skills before challenging friends or others online," the post read.

If you think those are all you can expect from the upcoming Street Fighter 5 update, then you're wrong. This apparently huge SFV update is also set to fix a boatload of bugs and issues. Check out the full list of these bug fixes in the linked Capcom post above.

[Featured Image by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]