Daniel Radcliffe Says Hollywood Is ‘Undeniably’ Racist, Will Not Reprise The Role Of Harry Potter ‘At This Time’

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe said that it is “pretty undeniable” that Hollywood is racist and cold towards gay actors, BBC reports.

Daniel stated in a revealing interview that the film world is perceived as “very, very progressive,” but in reality, the industry is “lagging behind” in encouraging diversity on the set and in front of the camera.

Radcliffe explained that it is difficult for gay actors to come out of the closet for fear that they will only be cast in gay roles. Daniel added that it is the reason that many gay actors choose to keep their sexuality a secret from the press out of fear that they will be typecast as a gay actor based on their own sexual preference.

“I suppose then people just want to cast you as gay.”

Just a few months ago, the Oscar Awards ceremony was plagued by the #Oscarsowhite drama on social media. Daniel wasn’t quiet about his take on Hollywood and the apparent racial division.

“It’s pretty undeniable. We like to think of ourselves as being a very, very…a progressive industry. But we have been lagging behind in all kinds of areas.”

Radcliffe appeared on BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire program on Tuesday morning to promote his new movie, Imperium, Newsweek reports. He plays an FBI undercover agent who tries to break a case involving a white supremacist group. The film’s subject matter prompted an open discussion about racial tension and how it affects Hollywood today.

In February, Will and Jada Pickett Smith and Spike Lee openly talked about the lack of diversity in the Oscar nominees. All 20 lead acting nominations were white actors, which they felt signaled a significant diversity problem in Hollywood. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS) responded to the allegations in June by pledging that they will increase the number of minority nominees in the future.

Daniel responded to the rumors that he may be reprising the role of Harry Potter in the stage play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The 27-year-old actor revealed that he has “no plans” to return to the role, and he added that no one has talked to him about the play. Radcliffe noted that he wasn’t willing to come back right now because “it’s only been six years,” but he was open to the idea after many years (20 or more years).

“No-one’s asked me about it and I definitely don’t think that I would do it at this point, certainly. It’s only been six years [since last playing Potter] and I’m really enjoying being able to do lots of different stuff at the moment.Maybe if 30 years had passed I would be thinking differently. They will be doing remakes, and I could play his dad, or something.”

Daniel attacked Republican US presidential candidate, Donald Trump, by stating that he “stirred up” feelings of hatred and fear. He added that he cannot believe that the American people are taking a man seriously that is “clear a member of the elite America and embracing him as a voice of the middle class.”

Daniel Radcliffe is best known for his role in JK Rowling’s movie series about a boy wizard named Harry Potter. He had portrayed the young wizard since 2001 and now states that he wants to give the role an extended break.

JK Rowling has stated that she planned to write one more Harry Potter book, then she “will move on to another book series.”

Are you surprised by Daniel Radcliffe’s opinions on Hollywood’s diversity issues? Are you upset that he won’t consider another Harry Potter movie right now?

Imperium is due in theaters on August 19, 2016.

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