Tyler Baltierra Speaks Out On Wife’s Decision To Get Help: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Breaks Down

Tyler Baltierra has been a very supportive husband to Catelynn Baltierra since they got married, and he’s been by her side as they both grew up without their first-born daughter, Carly. The two have been dating since they were in middle school, and they have fought through everything to get to where they are today. They are now married and living in Michigan with their second daughter, Nova. But when Catelynn was pregnant with her second child, she started suffering from postpartum depression. And she clearly struggled, as Tyler started seeing a different side of his wife.

According to a new tweet, Tyler Baltierra is now revealing that he’s struggling to hear his wife talk about how she feels like a horrible person. Catelynn has revealed that she feels like a useless person, who is just a bad mother and a bad partner. But Tyler Baltierra doesn’t see it that way, as he sees her as the reason for living.

“It’s a hard thing to hear when your wife tells you she screws everyone up…when really, she makes life worth living,” Tyler Baltierra revealed on Twitter as Monday’s episode of Teen Mom aired, which was a very sweet message to share as his wife was struggling.

On this week’s episode, Tyler and his daughter went to visit Catelynn at her treatment center in Arizona. She decided to go get some help for her postpartum depression and anxiety. She wanted to become a better mother and a better partner. Tyler Baltierra told his mother that he would find Catelynn in bed, watching Netflix all day long. While she would eventually get out of bed to take care of her daughter, she wouldn’t have the same passion and drive she once had.


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And it sounds like Teen Mom fans are excited about what this couple is doing these days, as she’s getting help to become a better mother. While Tyler Baltierra is struggling to keep the home in order while his wife is away, he’s also very emotional these days. On Teen Mom, he completely broke down because he missed his wife. But fans are convinced that this is for the best, especially since Catelynn was caught smoking drugs on the show.

“Y’all are awsm. I kno it’s been a rocky road, but u made it past some hard things at such a young age U can do anything now!” one person wrote, while another added, “she is a strong woman and will pull through this hang in there you two depression sucks i know.”

“You are the sweetest thing! You guys have had years of trama and that will take years to get over,” a third person chimed in, sharing that the couple will definitely get through this hurdle.

Baltierra has revealed that it is stressful for his wife to be in treatment, as they had bought a house that he was renovating for them. Now, he had to renovate the home, take care of his daughter full-time, and meet up with Catelynn’s therapist to work on himself.

What do you think of Tyler Baltierra’s sweet message to his wife? Do you think it was the right choice for her to get treatment and help in Arizona, even though it was tough for Baltierra to be alone in Michigan?

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