Selena Gomez Caught In Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Drama After Justin Bieber Cheating War

Whatever Selena Gomez may have envisioned for 2016, it probably didn’t include a scandal involving Orlando Bloom, a war of words with her ex Justin Bieber that included cheating claims, and now a link to the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce drama. But that’s precisely what the “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” singer’s year has involved, in addition to coping with lupus, which resulted in symptoms requiring her to take a break.

How did Selena end up entangled in Brad’s and Angelina’s drama? It took just one Instagram photo taken months ago to cause rumors swirling now, pointed out Teen Vogue.

Gomez has become involved in the speculation because Jolie allegedly became annoyed that the 24-year-old pop princess took a picture with Pitt. That photo, posted on Selena’s Instagram eight months ago, shows Gomez chatting with Brad after the 2016 Golden Globes.

The two celebrities starred in the movie The Big Short, as Selena’s caption noted.

“just discussing #TheBigShort -@agentoh,” wrote Gomez.

just discussing #TheBigShort ????-@agentoh

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

However, in the wake of the divorce bombshell, all sorts of speculation has been stirring that Angelina flipped out over the picture. Fans are posting new comments on that photo in the wake of the Brangelina drama.

“So Selena and Brad took a photo together and Angelina got jealous? Hahaha,” wrote one.

But some defended Gomez.

“or instead of…this photo destroying a marriage, it had nothing to do with it and Brad and Angelina are [divorcing] because they are having…differences as they have stated. And you are all trying to make a river [out] of a puddle,” wrote a Team Selena commentator.

Selena Gomez has gotten entangled in the Brangelina drama.
Selena Gomez has gotten entangled in the Brangelina drama. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

But there’s more to the story because of comments Gomez made about Pitt, noted Latina.

After Selena posted the photo, E! News interviewed her and investigated just what she was asking Brad.

“It was funny because I had met him a few years ago and I was kind of telling him how I geeked out about it and then obviously we were talking about The Big Short and how he thought it was really cool and his kids loved it,” she clarified.

The film included a cameo role for Gomez, in which she dished on Synthetic Collateralized Debt Obligations. And that’s something she discussed with Pitt.

Selena Gomez has had a year filled with shockers.
Selena Gomez has had a year filled with shockers. [Image by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for SiriusXM]

“It was good for me to learn what was happening with our economic system,” commented Selena.

However, now there are the rumors that despite those bland comments from Gomez, the “two stars’ closeness [and] flirty body language” has caused Jolie to get angry, according to Latina.

For those seeking any actual evidence that Selena and Brad ever had anything close to a romantic relationship, the Mercury News notes that Gomez once confessed to People magazine that she was seeking “Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling.” And yes, she does think both guys are attractive.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s nice to, like, look at all of the hot guys that I admire.”

Selena also once dished to Ellen DeGeneres about her first encounter with Pitt, which occurred at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

“Yeah, so I was in my dressing room and I had just finished performing,” recalled Gomez. “They knocked on my door and they said Brad Pitt would like to come in and I was like, ‘He can come in.’ I was trying to play cool and be really nice. As soon as he walked out I ran and I hid under the craft service table for like two minutes because I couldn’t believe it was happening.”

All of these Close Encounters Of The Brad Kind may not add up to much, despite all the speculation, but Selena also found herself entangled in drama involving other couples earlier this year.

In May, rumors swirled that she was hooking up with Orlando Bloom during his relationship with Katy Perry, noted Hollywood Life.

Gomez and Bloom were seen getting very cozy in Las Vegas, and also were observed leaving a club together after their reported canoodling session.

In addition, just last month, Selena’s ex Justin Bieber jump-started an Instagram war that expanded to include Gomez. It all began when Bieber scolded his fans for their criticism of his gal pal Sofia Richie, the two have since split. Selena hopped into the midst of the battle and defended those fans, criticizing Bieber, noted Hollywood Life.

Gomez also posted a remark on Justin’s Instagram that claimed he cheated on her.

“Funny how the ones that cheated multiple times, are pointing the finger at the ones that were forgiving and supportive, no wonder fans are mad,” wrote Selena.

Rather than sit back and take that shade silently, Bieber responded by accusing Gomez of cheating on him with Zayn Malik.

“I cheated.. oh I forgot about You and Zayn?” Justin retorted.

And for those hoping that Bieber might add something about Brad in the wake of the newest rumors linking Selena to Pitt, Justin has stayed off Instagram since the battle of the exes.

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