David Bowie’s Ashes Were Not Spread At Burning Man, Says Bowie’s Son Duncan Jones

David Bowie’s ashes weren’t actually scattered at Burning Man, according to the Telegraph. The rock legend’s son, Duncan Jones, recently dismissed reports that some of his dad’s ashes were scattered at the annual Burning Man festival.

Jones’s claims come just a few days days after it was reported that David Bowie’s ashes were scattered in the Temple, a temporary structure erected each year at Burning Man. The reports said that the music icon’s godchild, with the permission of the singer’s wife Iman, scattered some of his late father’s ashes at the week-long event in Nevada.

Jones took to Twitter to express his surprise over the reports about David Bowie’s ashes, saying that it wasn’t true and adding that it’s “kind of a gross claim.”

“That Burning Man thing? What people will do & say for attention never ceases to amaze me.”

The news was spread by E! News, which cited a source claiming David Bowie’s godchild and the late singer, who died on January 10 this year from liver cancer, discussed the annual festival together, and Bowie seemed to “love the message behind it.”

The report also added that David Bowie was allegedly honored during a ceremony at the Temple of Black Rock City. This is the structure that is being erected each year to allow Burning Man guests to pay tribute to the ones they lost.

Other sources cited by E! News claimed they played David Bowie’s music as they drove from their camp to the Temple and back, while most of them had Bowie’s signature lightning bolt face paint on.

Another source, Mark Milhaly, seemingly confirmed the report in his interview with the Mirror, claiming that the story originally came from his blog and saying that he had spoken to “multiple people who were there, including an art car owner” who confirmed that David Bowie’s ashes were indeed scattered during the event.

“I’ve also seen photographs, which I’m not allowed to share out of respect.”

But if David Bowie’s son’s words are true, it appears that both E! News and the Mirror got the story completely wrong. But what about the witnesses and the alleged photographs?

Earlier this month, Iman paid tribute to her late husband by appearing at the New York Fashion Week with a necklace in remembrance of the rock legend. The Somalian model said that the necklace was made for her by Hedi Slimane and that she will be wearing this until her death.

David Bowie’s three final tracks will appear on the Lazarus Cast Album, according to Rolling Stone. The unreleased tracks, which the rock legend recorded during the Blackstar sessions, will see the world on October 21, when the album is released.

The three final studio recordings, “No Plan,” “Killing a Little Time,” and “When I Met You,” played during David Bowie’s musical Lazarus, the production cast of which offered their renditions. But the upcoming album will also feature the rock legend’s own versions of the three tracks on Second Disc.

David Bowie’s three unreleased tracks will be accompanied by the same jazz troupe that was featured on the singer’s final album Blackstar, which was released two days before his death.

But David Bowie’s final three tracks is not the only bonus of the Lazarus Cast Album, as fans who pre-order the album starting September 16, will receive the Dexter star Michael C. Hall’s rendition of “Lazarus” and Sophia Anne Caruso’s rendition of “Life on Mars.”

The Lazarus Cast Album featuring David Bowie’s tracks will be released on October 21, while the London production of the musical opens on November 8.

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