WWE News: Dean Ambrose Faces AJ Styles For The World Championship Next Week!

From the second AJ Styles won the World Title from Dean Ambrose, the WWE news reports about their possible rematch have been on overdrive. Now, WWE General Manager Daniel Bryan has announced that their rematch will finally happen next week!

According to Wrestling, Inc., Bryan’s WWE news announcement almost immediately hit the blog-osphere, with the majority of WWE news reports expressing shock that the rematch happened so soon. As wrestling fans will recall, Styles won the title at the Backlash Pay-Per-View event on September 11th, and the most recent reports revealed that Styles was to defend his WWE World Title against Dean Ambrose and John Cena on October 9th’s No Mercy event from Sacramento, CA.

News of next week’s WWE World Title re-match comes as a surprise, but not a shock, as Ambrose had been aching for a chance to win back the World Title that he felt had been stolen from him. The No Mercy three-way event between the three wrestlers will continue on as planned, however, it should be interesting to see whether it will be AJ Styles, or Dean Ambrose, that will enter the the three-way match with a title to his name.

And wrestling fans are sure to get an eye — and ear — full of pure drama, as additional WWE news from Cageside Seats reports that Ambrose got on Talking Smack last night and went on an epic rant against John Cena, AJ Styles, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and pretty much every other wrestler on the current WWE roster. While it wasn’t as brutal as The Miz’s rant against Daniel Bryan a few weeks back, it certainly had its fair share of noteworthy moments.

The most note-worthy (and, frankly, hilarious) moment of his rant came when he accused John Cena of “selling out” with success:

“You know where I’m changing tonight? Male talent! I’m changing in the locker room. You know where he’s changing? He’d probably get right on his jet and going to film the Nickelodeon Awards or some such crap like that because that’s what he does. He’s gone soft!”

WWE News
This photo of John Cena at the Teen Choice Awards has drawn the ire of Dean Ambrose, who has made the WWE news because he called Cena a "sell-out." [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Another funny moment was when he took on AJ Styles, saying that he’s nothing more than a swagger-jacker:

“[He] doesn’t come up with anything original. Here’s the thing. I’ve run this place for a long time, alright? I’ve been the man in WWE for a long time, I’ve run the show for a couple of year now and it’s about time – belt, no belt, whatever – it’s about time everybody started to realize it, alright?”

But according to Bleacher Report, this latest WWE news about smack-talk, rematches, and other such matters are all for naught, because the end result will be that AJ Styles will emerge victorious, with his newly-earned World Title intact. According to the respected site, there is no other wrestler with as much buzz — and as much good will — in the organization as him. Once Styles successfully defeated Cena, he’d earned a bit of a “kingslayer” status that’s not easy to come by, or shake off, and this status came in handy as he began to develop his unique WWE brand – no easy feat, since he was best known for his work with TNA Wrestling for more than 10 years.

Is Dean Ambrose's reign with the WWE over? [Image by JP Yim/Getty Images]

It’s his technical skill, not his “character’s story line,” that makes Styles the superior wrestler to both Ambrose and Cena, and as such, he will emerge from this title bout with his reputation fully intact.

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