One Man’s Disgusting Sex Attack Forces Woman To Perform Interspecies Sex Act, Only Gets Him Two Years In Prison

Enquirer Breaking News reports that one 49-year-old man named George Pazos was recently charged by the Hamilton County Common pleas court with two incredibly twisted and shocking acts of sexual assault. One of the acts was particularly disturbing, as it saw the man force his female victim to perform an explicit sex act – not on himself, but on one of his canine companions.

One Man's Dog Rape Crime
The man's victim was bound before being raped [Photo by iStock]

Pazos owns one piece of land in a neighborhood of West Philidelphia called Clifton Heights. On January 1, the man decided to bring one woman, whose name remains unknown, back to his house to “engage in sexual intercourse for pay,” according to the court documents. Maybe the woman thought Pazos was only in for a little one-on-one New Year’s celebration, and she did not expect the horrible treatment the man had in store for her.

All information that has been made available points to the fact that the meeting between Pazos and the woman began just as any one between a call girl and the man she is doing business with – in other words, not violent. Maybe Pazos did not even intend to victimize the girl when he brought her home.

Whether as a result of unchecked arousal or pre-planned criminal tendencies, however, Pazos’s behavior quickly turned violent. Court documents reflect that the man “continually threatened” the lady of the night. They continue that he bound her to prevent her from struggling before raping her himself. As if that were not enough, the man forced the woman to “perform fellatio on his dog” once he himself was finished with her.

One Man's Dog Rape Crime
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Obviously, no matter whether he planned the shocking sex acts beforehand or came up with them in the heat of the moment, they show that Pazos is an extremely disturbed individual, and the man is definitely not someone fit to be living in a civilized society. At least, not anytime soon.

Even Pazos’s own attorney, one of the figures nearly always on the defendant’s side no matter what, admits the man’s actions were just wrong.

“Obviously, the accusations were very disturbing,” said attorney James Bogen.

Shockingly, however, the man is only expected to spend up to two years in prison. This is, in part, because of how uncertain the woman seems about what happened. In other words, she doesn’t seem to be able to get her story straight, and so the jury is not one hundred percent sure that all the acts the man allegedly committed really happened.

One Man's Dog Rape Crime
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Bogen notes that the woman’s account of the incident changed more than one time and says that it is one of the primary reasons he feels optimistic about his client’s case.

“We felt we had a strong defense to [the accusations],” he said.

He went on that, because of that fact, he expects a significantly shorter sentence for Pazos than the 20-year stint behind bars that was originally projected, but one never can tell for sure in court.

“Juries can be unpredictable.”

One cannot help but cringe when hearing that a man forced an unwilling woman to commit such an up-close-and-personal act on his dog. The unjust nature of the short sentencing for such a disgusting crime is almost of Brock Turner levels of ridiculousness, and most would agree that such a cruel sexual deviant should be taken off the streets for much longer than two years.

At least, however, Pazos will very likely be required to register as a sex offender for a long time to come. Bogen notes that it is extremely rare for a rape case to be resolved, even if the defendant’s prison sentence is minimal, without a registration on that list being mandated.

Maybe it would also be a good idea for the court to decree the man can never again own a pet.

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