WWE News: Major Title Change Planned For WWE Clash of Champions


WWE Clash of Champions is being promoted as the night where all of Raw’s championships are defended in one night. That means there will be five title matches on the card for Sunday night’s PPV. The extra boost of hype is that there are going to be some titles changes during the show, which WWE officials have not been shy about booking over the past few months since WWE’s brand extension.

There has been some speculation that Kevin Owens is going to lose the WWE Universal Championship at WWE Clash of Champions. Roman Reigns has a strong chance of walking out of Indianapolis the United States Champion. The WWE Women’s Championship triple threat match is especially difficult to predict, and TJ Perkins will have his first title defense as Brian Kendrick challenges him for the Cruiserweight title.

Despite all the championship matches on the WWE Clash of Champions card, The New Day versus Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship is highly anticipated because a lot of people are expecting The New Day to finally lose the tag team titles after over a year of holding them.


As of this writing, The New Day are celebrating their four hundred and forty-third day as the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions. They’ve eclipsed the second longest reign for the title by over a hundred days. The New Day have become of the most successful tag teams in WWE history, especially when you consider the time period and all the change WWE has undergone during the last year and a half of WWE programming.

As champions, The New Day has nothing left to prove. The truth is that a lot of people assumed the stable would be disbanded during the WWE Draft, but the trio survived. Numerous teams have had the chance and many have been rumored to be the opposing team that will dethrone The New Day, including Anderson and Gallows. However, it looks like WWE Clash of Champions is when WWE will finally pull the trigger.

According to a report hyping this Sunday’s PPV, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are expected to defeat The New Day at WWE Clash of Champions and become Raw’s Tag Team Champions. At this point, the one thing that is left for The New Day to do is drop the titles to another team, give them the huge boost of momentum, and put them over. It was an epic run, but The New Day shouldn’t be the only tag team to benefit from it.


Many people thought WWE would pull the trigger at WWE Summerslam, especially considering the injury angle that was run heading into the event. However, they postponed the title change until WWE Clash of Champions, where Anderson and Gallows can hopefully take momentum and rebrand Raw’s tag team scene.

It’s not that The New Day’s run hasn’t been spectacular, but it’s lasted well over a year. The stable is starting to get stale, so Anderson and Gallows running over Raw as strong heels is better for the tag team division overall. The WWE Universe is fully behind Enzo and Big Cass, who have a ton of momentum as faces, which makes them perfect opponents for Anderson and Gallows for the WWE Raw Tag Team titles right now.

WWE should do this right. The title change should happen cleanly in the middle of the ring. After the match is over, the ring should be left to The New Day because the WWE crowd in Indianapolis will realize the work that was done by Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods. They’ll show a great respect to them as their epic title reign finally ends. The title change isn’t even about The New Day; it’s just about doing something new.

[Image via WWE.com]