Brentley Vinson Photos: Pictures Of Black Cop Who Killed African-American Man, Keith Lamont Scott, Go Viral [Facebook Live Video]

Brentley Vinson is the name of the police officer who shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott. Officer Vinson can be seen in the below photo, as well as in other photos of Officer Brentley throughout this article. As seen in below photos, Brentley also goes by the name “Brent Vinson” and possibly “Brentley Alex Vinson” — and is an African-American man.

As reported by Heavy, Vinson was put on administrative leave by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in the wake of Officer Brentley shooting and killing Scott.

Keith, a married father to seven children, was reportedly sitting in his vehicle when Scott was shot and killed by Officer Vinson. Much is being made about Officer Brentley being a black police officer who shot an African-American man, especially in the wake of reports claiming Scott was simply sitting in his vehicle reading a book when Officer Vinson yelled “Gun!” and shot Keith several times.

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Scott’s daughter can be seen and heard in the below YouTube video, which was originally streamed live on Facebook, talking about the shooting and killing of Keith. It isn’t known if Keith’s daughter knew at the time that Scott was shot and killed by Officer Brentley, a black man, because Scott’s daughter speaks of Keith being shot for being black — and yells at a police officer wearing red, who doesn’t appear to be African-American in the video. She does yell at a female black police officer, calling her ugly.

Warning: The below video of Scott’s daughter contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

This was the testimony given by Scott’s brother, who can be seen in the below video, speaking about the shooting and killing of Keith by Officer Brentley.

The sister of Scott also testified in the below video, with both Keith’s brother and sister calling Officer Brentley and cops like Vinson “jump-off boys” and undercover cops. Keith’s brother and sister both claimed that Vinson was not properly identified as a police officer — and state that Officer Brentley was an undercover detective who simply assumed Scott’s book was a gun and began shooting, killing Scott without valid cause.

Scott’s sister said Keith was sitting in the shade in his vehicle reading a book — and that Scott did not have a gun, such as police officers claimed Scott had.

According to WBTV, Scott was 43 years of age when Officer Vinson shot and killed him in northeast Charlotte on Tuesday afternoon. Officer Brentley’s actions have sparked protests throughout Charlotte and police response, as can be seen in the below photo of police standing in front of a “Not in Service” sign on a bus. It’s a photo — just like Officer Vinson’s photos — that is capturing plenty of social media attention.

Much is also being made about the fact that Officer Brentley — known as “Brent Vinson” as well — attended Liberty University at one point during Vinson’s college career. Brentley was also a football player, according to his Liberty University page.

The melee has caused more than 45,000 people to search for Vinson on Facebook — and begin the discussion about Brentley and what it means that a black police officer assumed another black man reading a book was a danger to him. The shooting and killing of Scott took place close to 4 p.m. on Tuesday within the 9600 block of Old Concord Road, in Charlotte’s University City area.

Officer Brentley was reportedly serving an outstanding warrant — but not to Scott. Keith’s daughter reported that her dad was disabled.

Vinson is listed as a registered Republican in the following photo — which notes that a “Brentley Alex Vinson” in Charlotte — is the only person in Mecklenburg with that name registered to vote.

Vinson’s actions have caused outrage, as seen in the top photo above, which shows a damaged police vehicle in the wake of Scott’s death at the hands of Officer Brentley.

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