Shah Rukh Khan Attacks Fan In Amsterdam? The Truth Behind SRK’s Scuffle — Watch Who Hits Whom First [Video]

Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood’s most high-profile star, well known for normally being very friendly to his fans, shocked everyone when a video of him seemingly hitting a fan in Amsterdam recently surfaced on the internet.

Khan is currently in Amsterdam filming Imtiaz Ali’s new film, The Ring. In the video you can see SRK approaching a line of fans who are eagerly waiting for him. But one fan seems to get too close for Shah Rukh’s liking and he pushes him away.

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Then it looks like Khan raises his fist in an attempt to punch the overeager fan, but his bouncers intervene. SRK seemed to quickly regain his composure, however, as he can be seen walking away after the altercation and taking selfies with some other fans who were there.

SRK fans on Twitter have discovered that the “fan” in question is actually an Afghani actor who may have planned the entire incident.

According to India Today, this isn’t the first time that Shah Rukh has been in the news for behaving badly in public. The Bollywood actor has previously been reprimanded by the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) for getting into an altercation with security workers and MCA officials at Wankhede Stadium in 2012 at an International Premiere League (IPL) game. This led to Khan being banned from the stadium for three years.


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As The Times of India notes, the ban was supposed to last five years, but it was prematurely lifted by the MCA in 2015.

“It has already been three years since we banned him. The managing committee unanimously felt that his ban should be lifted. Shah Rukh is now most welcome to come and watch matches at the Wankhede Stadium,” MCA Secretary PV Shetty said at the time.

A previous interview with the Deccan Chronicle may indicate why Shah Rukh Khan didn’t tolerate the unidentified fan trying to grab him around his neck in Amsterdam. Apparently, SRK is cool with fans under 25 doing whatever they want around him, but if you’re older than that, expect repercussions.

“I have a simple rule. I have told my bodyguards that any fan below the age of 25 has the right to be stupid, silly and childish. No one will say anything to them,” the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai actor said. “I have kids who are 16 and 18 and they do things which cannot make you angry. Till 25 you are allowed to do right, wrong, good or ugly.”

Perhaps if the fan in Amsterdam was a little younger, he would have gotten away with trying to grab Khan.

What’s ironic is that Shah Rukh Khan has previously starred in a movie called Fan, where he plays an obsessive follower of a fictional Bollywood star.

Now SRK is busy shooting the latest film by Imtiaz Ali, The Ring, which also stars Anushka Sharma. According to the International Business Times (IBT), Shah Rukh Khan plays a Punjabi tourist guide named Harinder Singh Nehra, who meets Anushka’s character while she’s on vacation in Europe. Most of the production is set in Europe with the rest of it being shown in Punjab. Filming originally started in Prague and the film is being produced by Shah Rukh’s Red Chillies Entertainment Company.

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