Jinger Duggar Gets The Ring — Jeremy Vuolo Goes Ring Shopping With Ben Seewald And Jim Bob Duggar

Jinger Duggar is on her way to becoming Mrs. Jeremy Vuolo. The couple has been courting since last December and recently became engaged. Duggar and Vuolo have had a storyline on this season of Counting On being that they are the newest courting couple for the Duggars. Fans are excited for their upcoming nuptials and the life they will have ahead of them once they take their vows.

The Duggar family has had a rough couple of years, and Jinger took the scandals rather hard. Josh Duggar cost the family a lot with his mistakes, even causing their original show to be canceled. Jinger talked about the impact of the molestation revelation, showing a lot of emotion. She seemed to react differently than her sisters, taking the media’s comments to heart. There was a lot of hurt from what was revealed and each one of the Duggars suffered in their own way. Now that Jinger is courting and going to be married, her life is better than ever.

On tonight’s episode of Counting On, Jinger Duggar’s ring is bought. Jeremy Vuolo is going to be filmed ring shopping for his girlfriend alongside his soon-to-be father-in-law and his good friend, Ben Seewald. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jeremy Vuolo finds just the right ring for Jinger Duggar. Ben came with insights that Jessa Duggar handed to him, complete with the size ring Jinger wears. It seems that the happy couple is pressing to get married and move on with their lives as husband and wife. Jim Bob Duggar tagged along on the outing but didn’t have much say in what exactly was bought for his daughter.

There has been a lot of speculation about the relationship between Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. He isn’t the typical guy the Duggar family would approve of for their children or siblings. There is a wild past involved, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for Jinger. She is incredibly into Vuolo and is happy to be marrying the love of her life. While an official date has yet to be set, it is pretty clear her wedding will be televised for the publicity. Fans are excited to be able to watch as she becomes the woman she was meant to be, standing up for her individuality and beliefs.

A long time ago, it was said that Jinger Duggar would be strong in her convictions and she has proven that to be true. Speculations have surfaced that she has already broken courtship rules while being with Jeremy Vuolo. The Duggars have a very rugged set of guidelines when it comes to their children courting the opposite sex. Fans thought Jessa Duggar was wild, but Jinger has one up on her sister. Each time she is with Vuolo, the chemistry is out of this world. When he has to leave to go back home, there is sadness that can be felt through the television screen.

As the Duggar girls grow up and get married off, there is a sense of accomplishment felt by their parents. Jim Bob and Michelle have worked hard to choose partners for their children and be involved in every step of the courting process. This time, Jinger Duggar has pretty much done as she wants. When news broke about Jeremy Vuolo’s past, it was almost like fans breathed a sigh of relief. Jinger picked a “real” man, someone with flaws who loves like she does. After all the Duggars have been through, Jinger Duggar has taken a huge risk by marrying Jeremy Vuolo, but it appears that it will pay off in the long run.

[Featured Image by Duggar family/Twitter]