‘The Division’ Public Test Server Opening This Week, Special Report On 1.4 Scheduled For Wednesday

With update 1.4 for The Division expected to release in October, developers of the MMO shooter are working to bring the new public test server online. The new testing environment will be used to test the game’s new features and fixed issues before the major patch launches. After all, update 1.4 is set to vastly revamp the game by addressing enemy scaling, adjusting itemization, and introducing World Tiers to The Division.

After being scheduled to open a technical test on September 15, the public test server was delayed and will now open on September 22. This Thursday, all PC applicants to the Elite Task Force will be able to participate in the rescheduled technical test. On Monday, September 26, any PC owner of The Division can download and play on the public test server.

The Division team announced the new public test server dates in a stream today on the official Twitch channel for the game. Additionally, the postponed Special Report on patch 1.4 was also given a new date today. The Special Report will take place on September 21, giving players a more in-depth look at the upcoming update including specifics on what bugs will be fixed.

The public test server FAQ on the game’s official forums is now updated with the new start dates. Any PC owner of The Division playing the game on Steam or directly through Uplay can start testing 1.4 and its features on September 26. Like most test servers, progress on the public test server is separate and subject to reset. No character advancement or loot will be moved to the live servers, and players might find bugs while testing on the server.

Players that decide to help test the 1.4 update on the server will need to download a separate client in order to access the test server. The option to download the client will appear in the Games on Uplay or Library on Steam sections. Additionally, on September 22, a dedicated section on the forums will open for testers to post their public test feedback. There is no non-disclosure agreement for the public test server, so anyone that does play on it can share video, impressions, or screenshots of the server.

The Division
The whole map adjusts on World Tiers, opening it back up to max level players [Image via Ubisoft]

Update 1.4 for The Division will fundamentally change the game in several ways. Players will find that they will survive longer against enemy NPCs and those foes will not take as long to kill. In addition to adjusting enemy scaling at high levels, players should also find the game more rewarding. Items will drop that make the player more powerful rather than the player finding outdated items relative to their gear score. This is primarily due to the new World Tiers coming to the game with patch 1.4.

The World Tier system coming to The Division completely redesigns the way a character plays at the maximum level. After hitting level 30, the entire New York City map will enter World Tier one. All enemies will jump to level 30 and roaming named NPCs will return all over the area. In this bracket of the World Tiers, players will be able to find items up to gear score 163. Once a player reaches item level 163, World Tier two opens, scaling the world up a bit and offering items up to level 182. As the Inquisitr reported, this process repeats two more times to a maximum World Tier four where items drop as high as 229, the new maximum item level.

The Division
The new World Tier function located on the map interface [Image via Ubisoft]

Players can get their hands on World Tiers and the other improvements to the game when the public test server opens. On the live servers, update 1.4 and its changes are still scheduled to release sometime in October. Other quality-of-life improvements like weapon skins no longer using inventory slots, a “craft all” button, and a buyback option at vendors are also planned features of patch 1.4 for The Division.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]