Best Series And Movies On Netflix & Hulu In October 2016

Some of the best movies and series are coming to Netflix and Hulu in October 2016. Hulu has provided their content that’s being released during October and it includes several high-quality movies and series. Netflix still hasn’t released a full list of movies that they will be releasing for October, but they have provided plenty of information on what series will be returning and debuting.

Best Movies and Series On Hulu

October 1, 2016

Air Force One

Hijackers learn their lesson when they go against the United States president in this action film starring Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman.

Air Force One best movies series netflix hulu October 2016
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Roman Polanski directed this classic mystery starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway. A private detective gets more than he bargains for when he investigates an adulterous tycoon.

Groundhog Day

Hulu subscribers will be thrilled revisiting this feel-good movie starring Bill Murray.

Kill Bill

Fans can watch back-to-back action as both volumes of Kill Bill are coming to Hulu.

Kill Bill best movies and series Hulu Netflix October 2016
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In one of Oliver Stone’s best movies, Platoon is based on Stone’s personal experiences in the Vietnam War.


Brad Pitt and Jason Statham bring plenty of thrills in one of the best action-comedy movies coming to Hulu.

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Halloween is near, and in October, Hulu is releasing several titles apropos for All Hallows’ Eve.

The Amityville Horror

Both the 1979 and 2005 versions of The Amityville Horror are coming to Hulu on October 1. Though both movies aren’t popular among critics, horror fans still consider them one of the best ghost stories.


This was the first film adaptation of a Stephen King story, and it is still considered one of the best. Brian De Palma directed this picture about an abused and bullied teen that has telekinetic powers. Carrie hits Hulu on October 1.

The Blair Witch Project

While both sequels have flopped, the original remains a masterpiece. The Blair Witch Project was the first found footage movie to hit the mainstream, and it’s still just as creepy as ever. The footage arrives to Hulu on October 1.


This intense movie is a hit among critics and fans alike. Joyride scored a rating of 73 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and the site provides the synopsis for one of the best thrillers coming to Hulu on October 1.

“Paul Walker stars as Lewis Thomas, a college freshman embarking on a cross-country road trip during summer break to pick up his girlfriend Venna (Leelee Sobieski). Along for the ride is Lewis’ brother Fuller (Steve Zahn), a practical joker who uses the car’s CB radio to play a cruel prank on a lonely trucker known only by the handle Rusty Nail. The victim of Fuller’s gag turns out to be a psychotic murderer and soon the brothers are being pursued by the relentless stalker, who gets his revenge in gruesome fashion.”


Patricia Arquette, Gabriel Byrne, and Jonathan Pryce star in this horror movie about a woman who becomes afflicted with stigmata. This supernatural-thriller is coming to Hulu on October 1.

American Horror Story: Hotel

The fifth season of American Horror Story hits Hulu on October 4. Kathy Bates and Lady Gaga are part of this addition that takes place in an eerie hotel.


The latest James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig and Christopher Waltz arrives to Hulu on October 21.

Spectre movies series Netflix Hulu October 2016
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Best Movies and Series On Netflix

Preacher Season 1

This AMC series is based on the comic of the same title. Preacher shows audiences what would happen if an angel and a demon procreated — the offspring would team up with a vampire to search for answers. This supernatural tale arrives to Netflix on October 4.

Penny Dreadful Season 3

The third season of this popular Showtime series hits Netflix on October 4.

The Ranch Season 1: Part 2

The second-part of the first season of this Netflix original series arrives on October 7.

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Portlandia Season 6

The sixth season of this highly acclaimed comedy series from IFC arrives to Netflix on October 12.


In the same vein as This is Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, and Best in Show comes Mascots. Christopher Guest returns to film for the first time in over a decade with his latest mockumentary. Rotten Tomatoes describes what looks to be one of the funniest original movies on Netflix, and it arrives October 13.

“Starring many of his [Guest] regular troupe of actors, this latest film takes place in the ultra-competitive world of sports mascots where they compete for the most prestigious award in their field, the Gold Fluffy.”

Black Mirror Season 3

The highly anticipated third season of this original Netflix anthology debuts on October 21. IMDb provides the synopsis for one of the most popular series on Netflix.

“An anthology series in the blood line of the Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Tales From The Darkside, and Tales From The Crypt. Every episode opening with a completely different story to tell with many themes, twists and closer examination of our fallen human nature. And the potential outcome of that nature.”


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From The Blair Witch Project to Black Mirror, some of the best movies and series are debuting on Netflix and Hulu in October 2016.

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