Heidi Montag Earns $25,000 To Host Las Vegas Strip Show

Heidi Montag, former reality television star and proud owner of two enormous fake breasts, has reportedly accepted $25,000 to host a strip show in Las Vegas. According to TMZ, Montag will take the stage at Crazy Horse III on October 19, though fans of the curvy celebrity are in for a massive amount of disappointment. While Montag will host the aforementioned event, she won’t be taking her clothes off at any point during the show.

Montag, who famously upgraded her breasts to G-cups during her attempt at international stardom, is sure to draw in the crowds hoping to get a good look at what the doctors gave the young lady. However, things could get a little rowdy once the patrons realize the main attraction isn’t going to show off the proverbial goods. To make sure everyone stays in line at the strip show, Heidi Montag’s husband Spencer Pratt will be on-hand during her performance.

“I am so excited to host Crazy Horse III’s third anniversary celebration. I’m ready to party!” Montag explained in the event’s official press release.

For those unfamiliar with the Las Vegas strip club Crazy Horse III, here’s how the establishment describes itself:

“One of the world’s most famous gentlemen’s clubs, Crazy Horse III features hundreds of gorgeous female entertainers, three tantalizing stages, oversized chairs, a main room framing an enormous dance platform and an opulent VIP room. The hot spot was recently named “Best Club in the West” at the 2012 Exotic Dancer Awards.”

The icing on the proverbial cake: Those who show up to watch Heidi Montag host the aforementioned strip show will be able to enjoy the “best sushi in the city.” Although some may find the idea of eating raw fish during a strip routine to be appealing, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if there was plenty of sushi left over at the end of the evening.

Would you pay to see Heidi Montag host a Las Vegas strip show despite her desire to keep her clothes on?