‘Southern Charm’ Jennifer Snowden And Baby Ascher Home From Hospital


Southern Charm Jennifer Snowden and baby Ascher are home from the hospital after a hectic and dramatic week Snowden calls “tumultuous.” Her son, Ascher, was diagnosed in utero with a brain encephalocele, which meant that he needed to go to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, (NICU) as soon as he was born last Monday via c-section at a Charleston, South Carolina hospital.

Jennifer Snowden of Southern Charm has had a rough pregnancy, as she learned several months ago that there were some complications. While she was still pregnant, doctors told her that her unborn child had encephalocele, which is known as a neural tube defect “characterized by sac-like protrusions of the brain and the membranes that cover it through openings in the skull. These defects are caused by failure of the neural tube to close completely during fetal development.” According to the Inquisitr, a source close to Jennifer Snowden verified that right after Ascher was born, he was rushed to the NICU to assess his condition.

Jennifer Snowden of Southern Charm was excited to finally bring her son, James Ascher (to be known as Ascher) home after a trying week in the hospital, says In Touch.

“We are now home after a tumultuous first few days. He is a strong little man.”


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Jennifer Snowden, who is said to be one of the regulars on Season 4 of Southern Charm had hoped that Ascher had healed during the time he was in utero, as the doctors claimed he was improving. She asked fans to keep them in their prayers.

“Please say a prayer for him that his encephalocele on his brain has continued to be miraculously healed in the womb, which was evidenced by his second fetal MRI on July 28,” she said. “I believe with all of my heart that your prayers have helped turned this little boy’s fate around. And for that, I am forever in your debt.”

The birth defect that is that Jennifer Snowden’s son Ascher has affects his brain, and though the mother and child are home, there is no word on how the baby is doing or what types of treatment or surgery are to come. The Southern Charm star wants to have some time alone with Ascher and says that even her close friends have not met the baby.

Ascher spent more than a week in the NICU before doctors allowed her to take him home. A brain encephalocele – a rare birth defect of the neural tube that affects the brain, is very rare with under 400 cases each year, says The Daily Mail. Jennifer Snowden has promised fans that soon she will post photos of Ascher on her social media accounts, including Instagram and Twitter.

Before Ascher’s birth, Jennifer Snowden says that she got advice from her Southern Charm friend, Kathryn Dennis on enjoying pregnancy and being a mom.

“Her advice has been to enjoy it, the whole thing: being pregnant and then being a mom as it’s the most rewarding relationship you’ll ever have. That part I’m especially excited about.”

After Jennifer discovered she was having a boy, she shared the news with fans, expressing her excitement.

“I absolutely LOVE little boys, always have, starting with my youngest brother Gray’s birth when I was 11. I think I’ve kind of been a mom in my own eyes since then, so this has been a long time coming!”

Are you looking forward to seeing the photos Southern Charm’s Jennifer Snowden says she will post soon?

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